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User Access Control

Cloud-delivered server and application access control for east-to-west traffic

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Why User Access Control Is Critical for Security Leaders

As the digital transformation brings new devices onto the network and expands the attack surface of nearly every enterprise, infrastructure and cybersecurity leaders face new and more innovative attacks targeting remote users and their devices. Once any of their devices is compromised, threats can spread laterally to critical assets, exposing the organization to potential loss. There is now a need for a zero-trust networking model in order to isolate and contain threats as they emerge.


Mitigate Risk and Optimize Control with Micro-Segmentation

An effective zero-trust approach with east-west segmentation prevents threats from spreading laterally on networks to vastly mitigate risk. With the Fortinet SASE solution, customers can utilize cloud-delivered user identity and access control to prevent unauthorized lateral movement between user devices and servers. This micro-segmentation approach allows customers to define access policies based on user identity to ensure that sensitive applications and servers are visible only to authorized users.

Customers save time and reduce cybersecurity risk with an easy-to-manage zero-trust-architecture among hosts. East-west segmentation prevents threats from spreading laterally on networks. With the flexibility of working from anywhere, users can securely access sensitive application and data without placing the overall enterprise security posture in jeopardy.


Fortinet delivers a solution that is highly scalable, easy to use, and more comprehensive than anything else available. We use the Fortinet SASE solution to deliver cloud-native security and scalable VPN access to our remote users and distributed branch offices. Fortinet is critical to our ability to get the job done; without it, we would require a staff of four to five more people as well as capital investment in additional products.
- SandyAlexander
Fortinet helped the client to intelligently secure their distributed infrastructure and cloud instances, easily accommodate mergers and acquisitions, and adopt a WAF capability.
- NorthStar Travel Group

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Key Capabilities

Enables Microsegmentation

East-west segmentation to mitigate the lateral movement of cyber in threats, reducing risk and optimizing workflows

Consolidate and Simplify Security

FortiSASE is the most comprehensive SASE solution available, allowing the enterprise customer to rely on Fortinet for all of their networking and security needs

Simplified Interface for Policy Management

Easily develop, deploy, and manage policies across multiple enforcement points from a unified interface

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