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SaaS Optimization with

Consistent, better user experience based on global SASE backbone

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Why SASE Requires a Foundation Built on SD-WAN

As enterprise organizations embrace cloud and WAN Edge transformation, they experience poor and unpredictable SaaS performance, because they lack visibility and control into the middle mile for application traffic flows after exiting the WAN Edge (SD-WAN). The ability to responsibly and effectively offer their network users secure access to workflows depends on the ability to achieve a holistic network-driven security strategy that seamlessly integrates with existing infrastructure.


Leverage SD-WAN and SASE Together

Fortinet enables Cloud on-ramp for SD-WAN and improves the user experience by leveraging self-optimized, purpose-built cloud architecture. It integrates with partners such as Equinix, PacketFabric, and Megaport, enabling direct cloud connectivity for SaaS services to provide better experience to users regardless of their location.

Exceptional application performance for SaaS, with optimized and scalable connectivity across multiple regions, improves productivity and user experience. Infrastructure teams are able to deploy and enforce a consistent security policy across a distributed off-network workforce, wherever users may be.


Fortinet delivers a solution that is highly scalable, easy to use, and more comprehensive than anything else available. We use the Fortinet SASE solution to deliver cloud-native security and scalable VPN access to our remote users and distributed branch offices. Fortinet is critical to our ability to get the job done; without it, we would require a staff of four to five more people as well as capital investment in additional products.
- SandyAlexander
Fortinet helped the client to intelligently secure their distributed infrastructure and cloud instances, easily accommodate mergers and acquisitions, and adopt a WAF capability.
- NorthStar Travel Group

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Key Capabilities

Elastic and Secure Delivery of SaaS Applications

FortiSASE offers direct and secure access to SaaS applications via the FortiSASE cloud architecture, securing the entire business environment and improving the user experience of a dispersed workforce

Accelerated Cloud On-ramp with SD-WAN

FortiSASE enables cloud on-ramp for SD-WAN and improves the user experience by leveraging the FortiSASE cloud architecture for direct cloud connectivity for SaaS services

Delivered on the Fortinet Purpose-built Cloud

Fortinet delivers and operates FortiSASE using our multitenant scalable cloud architecture hosted at key internet exchanges

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