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FortiAnalyzer Cloud

Enhance Visibility with Cloud-based Network Analytics

FortiAnalyzer Cloud

The challenges of increasingly complex and naturally fragmented infrastructures continue to enable a rise in cyber events and network outages. Too many point products deployed by most enterprises almost always operate in isolated silos with their own consoles are narrow and only relevant for that one product. Subsequently, network operations teams rarely have clear and consistent insight into what across the infrastructure.  

Real-time and comprehensive network visibility is not easy—especially as enterprises add on an increasing number of point products to already complex infrastructures. As network teams consolidate point products and leverage FortiOS for intrusion prevention (IPS), NGFW, SD-WAN, SD-Branch, and other functions, they can easily share telemetry data between all deployments and enable real-time visibility of network anomalies.

FortiAnalyzer Cloud, a cloud-based central logging and reporting service for all FortiGate devices enables you to get automated insights into the Network infrastructure and identify any network or security anomalies easily.  

FortiCloud Premium customers can easily enable the FortiAnalyzer Cloud with SOC-as-a-Service service by purchasing it a-la-carte.


FortiManager Cloud & FortiAnalyzer Cloud Overview

In this video, we will show you how one can leverage the FortiManager Cloud and FortiAnalyzer Cloud to centrally manage your Fortinet Devices.

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FortiAnalyzer Cloud provides the following key benefits:


Single Sign-on Reporting

Single Sign-on Portal for logging and reporting for Fortinet NGFW and SD-WAN

Cloud Based Analytic

Cloud-based logging and alerting for network analytics and response

Extensive Reporting

Extensive Reporting templates for streamlined reporting

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FortiCloud is a cloud-based SaaS, offering a range of management and services across the Fortinet Firewalls and Access Points.

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How to Enable FortiAnalyzer Cloud

How to Enable FortiAnalyzer Cloud

FortiGate supports the FortiAnalyzer Cloud service for event logging. This service also includes SOC-as-a-Service.

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