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Protect Your Hybrid Cloud Deployment Before, After, and During Migration

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Securing Your Public Hybrid Cloud

Securing Your Public Hybrid Cloud

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Data Center Trends and Network Security Impact

Data Center Trends and Network Security Impact

Learn how cloud, SDN and NFV have redefined the data center for enterprises and providers, along with key tips for selecting and deploying network security.

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Fortinet Hybrid Cloud Security Solution

Most organizations are in the process of moving from an on-premises data center to a public cloud service and planning to maintain a combination of both conventional IT and public cloud deployments. Building a dynamic hybrid cloud requires open and secure migration of large volumes of data and applications, reliable site-to-site connectivity, and stretching of network topologies across the WAN.


Fortinet secures hybrid deployments with:

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Auto-scale of network security efficiency and capacity planning

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Centralized management for automatic provisioning of multi-layered workload security

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Site-to-site VPN connectivity to migrate workloads among clouds

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Segmentation of persistent connections to deliver end-to-end security

Visibility Protection

Full visibility and control into security logs for better compliance governance

VMware Cloud on AWS

VMware Cloud on AWS

Securely extend your infrastructure from the private cloud to the public cloud with advanced security for VMware Cloud on AWS. Ensure consistent protection with the same security policies as deployed for VMware vSphere on-premises. 

IBM Cloud on VMware

IBM Cloud for VMware Solutions

Fortinet maintains application availability and operational readiness for enterprise workloads with effective security for VMware environments transparently across the IBM Bluemix cloud and on-premise data centers.

FortiGate for Azure Stack

Azure Stack

Azure Stack brings public cloud on premises to build innovative hybrid cloud. it’s critical to ensure your security solution can easily and effectively protect your workloads across Multi-Clouds. 

Not every customer is suited for the public cloud. To remain control of data sovereignty reasons or the roots in hosted data center, Azure Stack delivers the appliance experience in a single platform for both the public and private cloud from Microsoft. FortiGate for Azure Stack provides the advanced security at the edge of the network for hybrid workloads.

FortiGate for Oracle Cloud

FortiGate for Oracle Cloud

FortiGate for Oracle Cloud ensures consistent security posture across public and hybrid clouds. It delivers consistent security policy enforcement and connectivity in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) and OCI Classic.    

Fortinet - Cloud Security Solution

See how Fortinet cloud security protects your public, private, and hybrid cloud deployments with scaling and segmentation.

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