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Automate Security Using DevOps Tools

Organizations today are faced with cybersecurity threats that are increasing in diversity, complexity and sophistication.  They are however challenged by a global shortage of cybersecurity talent, and are looking for automation solutions that serve as a force-multiplier for their short-staffed IT and security teams. These teams are also looking for tools to automate their security provisioning and configuration processes, in order to deploy security solutions faster and with less management burden.

The Fortinet Security Fabric has an open architecture designed to connect traditionally disparate security solutions into a unified framework, allowing them to dynamically adapt to the evolving IT infrastructure in order to defend its rapidly-changing attack surface. In addition to Fortinet Fabric Connectors and Fabric APIs, a variety of DevOps tools leverage the collaborative power of the Security Fabric. These DevOps tools and scripts are developed by Fortinet, technology partners and customers, and provide full automation of Fortinet security provisioning and configuration management.  They are published on the Fortinet Developer Network, GitHub and other repositories, and enable community-driven security innovation and accelerate time to deployment.