Extend Control of Your Wireless LAN

Fortinet Wireless LAN Manager

  • Enables comprehensive WLAN management
  • Protects your wireless network and helps achieve PCI DSS compliance
  • Supports wide range of management, security, and BYOD apps
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Flexible Appliances for Network Management and BYOD

Fortinet’s Wireless Manager and Services Appliances provide a platform for supporting Fortinet’s infrastructure network software applications that enables centralized management, automated onboarding, intrusion detection, and more. Reduce IT overhead and give users a trouble-free experience.

Our services appliances support the following applications:

icon wireless fortinet connect

Fortinet Connect automates guest and device onboarding to ensure a positive user experience

icon wireless fortinet ips

Wireless Intrusion Prevention System (WIPS) detects wireless intrusions using pre-defined and custom signatures on an integrated platform with other WLAN management applications (SA2000 only)

icon wireless fortinet spectrum

Spectrum Manager helps network managers ensure service levels by detecting and classifying sources of wireless interference

icon wireless fortinet network manager

Network Manager enables configuration, management, and monitoring from a single pane of glass