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Cloud-Native Protection: FortiCNP

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FortiCNP is a cloud-native protection platform natively integrated with Cloud Service Providers’ (CSP) security services and Fortinet’s Security Fabric to deliver a comprehensive, full-stack cloud security solution for securing cloud workloads. FortiCNP’s patented Risk Resource Insights (RRI)TM technology simplifies security by contextualizing security findings and prioritizing the most critical resources with actionable insights to help security teams effectively manage cloud risk.

  • Risk management - FortiCNP's patented RRI correlates and contextualizes security alerts and findings from CSP security services and Fortinet Security Fabric solutions to analyze cloud risk. Cloud resources are prioritized based on the highest risk. RRI enables actionable insights with consistent workflows to help security teams to manage and remediate risk.
  • Threat management - Native integrations with CSP security services such as Amazon GuardDuty Malware Protection and Amazon Inspector and Fortinet Security Fabric solutions deliver real-time threat protection with zero-permission security coverage.
  • Data security - Detects and protects against malware, sensitive data, data loss, and misconfigurations in cloud storage repositories.
  • Container security - Protects against vulnerabilities in container images and registries throughout the application lifecycle. Integrations with Kubernetes environments continuously monitor risk posture and activity for new and evolving threats. 
  • Compliance - Simplifies compliance for regulatory requirements that include CIS benchmarks, as well as corporate and regulatory standards such as PCI, HIPAA, SOX, GDPR, ISO 27001, and NIST.

Manage Cloud Risks Through Actionable Insights

As cloud adoption accelerates, so do the risks. FortiCNP’s RRI analyzes security findings and alerts from multiple security services to prioritize cloud workloads with actionable insights for the highest risk resources. This helps security teams focus on what matters most.

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Learn How to Conquer Cloud Risks

Proactively Manage Cloud Risk

Now available on AWS Marketplace, Fortinet's FortiCNP is a new cloud-native protection product that correlates security findings from across an organization’s cloud footprint to facilitate friction-free #CloudSecurity operations. FortiCNP’s patented Resource Risk Insights (RRI) TM technology produces context-rich, actionable insights that help teams prioritize the remediation and mitigation of risks with the highest potential impact on cloud workload security without slowing down the business.

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Features and Benefits

Cloud-Native Integrations

Cloud-native integrations with major cloud service providers’ (CSP) security services, and Fortinet Security Solutions provide broad context across the cloud footprint delivering real-time threat protection with zero-permission security coverage

Resource Risk Insights (RRI)™

RRI correlates security information from a breadth of cloud-native and Fortinet security products to analyze cloud risk based on configurations, vulnerabilities, permissions, accessible data, threats and interdependencies and prioritizes cloud resources with the highest risk to an organization

Context-rich Actionable Insights

RRI provides actionable insights for high risk cloud workloads and enables consistent workflows that scale security across cloud environments helping security teams proactively manage cloud risk

Context-Rich Analytics

RRI manages cloud risk with resource analytics to measure cloud risk posture over time

Maximizes security investments and Increases ROI

Native integrations with CSP services and Fortinet Security Fabric maximizes the value of the Customers’ cloud security investments as their outputs become useful in the context of a broader security solution

Streamlines Security Operations

Manages risk with integrated digital workflow solutions to automate and control mitigation process. Stop-gap remediations can be triggered with Fortinet cloud security solutions to prevent against threats

FortiCNP Use Cases

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FortiCNP helps security teams proactively manage risk to secure cloud workloads. Native integrations with Cloud Service Providers' (CSP) security services and Fortinet’s Cloud Security solutions deliver zero permission security coverage for real time threat protection.

FortiCNP simplifies cloud security and helps security teams proactively manage cloud risk with:

  • Advanced integrations with CSP's cloud-native security services
  • Streamlined functionality that will help you make better decisions about your cloud environments security
  • Integrated tools for you to collaborate and with other teams more effectively and resolve risk quickly. 

Sign up for a free demo, and a cloud security specialist will be your dedicated resource to assist you.

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