FortiGate Connector for Cisco ACI

Platform orchestration and network security agility across physical and virtual workloads

Accelerating Software-Defined Security with ACI

Fortinet Security for Cisco Application Centric Infrastructure (ACI)

Organizations need a dynamic environment for an automated, policy-based approach capable of delivering application agility, mobility, rapid deployment, and visibility for the private cloud. The challenge of implementing dynamic public cloud security is magnified if L4 - L7 services are brought into consideration. The FortiGate Connector for Cisco ACI meets these challenges by accelerating application deployment with reliability, security, and multi-tenancy, without disrupting services or operational best practices.

FortiGate Connector for Cisco ACI

FortiGate provides L4 - L7 service insertion and automation within ACI. The FortiGate Connector for Cisco ACI is a device package that contains XML metadata describing Fortinet’s security services and can be easily uploaded to the Cisco APIC controller. This joint solution streamlines traffic to supported FortiGate appliances and assigns security policies on command for data center workloads.