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Digital Risk Protection Service

FortiRecon EASM, Brand Protection, and Adversary-Centric Intelligence mitigate risks traditional security controls can't

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FortiRecon is a Digital Risk Protection Service (DRPS) product that provides an outside-the-network view to the risks posed to your enterprise.

As an extension to your current enterprise security architecture, FortiRecon lets you see and mitigate three additional areas of risk:

  • Digital asset risks
  • Brand-related risks
  • Underground and imminent threats

Extend Threat Intelligence Outside the Perimeter

Learn how FortiRecon Digital Risk Protection (DRP) service can help you stay ahead of threats before they turn into cyberattacks. It combines three powerful modules – External Attack Surface Management, Brand Protection, and Adversary Centric Intelligence, to provide unified threat intelligence about who the attacker is, what resources they use and where, and how to stop them.

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FortiRecon Solution

External Attack Surface Management (EASM)

External Attack Surface Management (EASM)

Identifies exposed known and unknown enterprise assets and associated vulnerabilities across the company, subsidiaries, and new acquisitions. It identifies servers, credentials, public cloud misconfigurations, and even third-party partner software code vulnerabilities that could be exploited.

Adversary-Centric Intelligence (ACI)

Adversary-Centric Intelligence (ACI)

Provides direct engagement with adversaries, in invitation-only, closed forums, the dark web, open source, and other places. Engaging in human intelligence collection, our analysts also assess and curate the intelligence for relevance.

Brand Protection

Brand Protection

Detects web-based typo-squatting, defacements, and phishing impersonations, as well as rogue mobile apps, credential leaks, and brand impersonation in social media.


FortiRecon Delivers Broad Digital Risk Protection

FortiRecon uses machine learning, automation, and threat expertise to assess risk posture and advise actions for quick remediation.

Features and Benefits

Prioritized Remediation
Understand the digital asset risk profile of acquisitions, subsidiaries, and third-party software

Swift Action on Imminent Threats
Swiftly identify risks across brand, enterprise assets, and data on the cyber “markets”

Broad Brand View
Get fast insights to act for any department that may be impacted by, or must handle, brand-related risks

Extended Security Fabric & Readiness
Gain early-stage attack lifecycle protection, and easily pivot if you need more help

Contextual TI
Focus resources on what matters most with contextualized threat insights


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