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Managed Security Service Providers

Growth opportunities for Managed Security Service Providers (MSSPs) are on the rise.  According to IDC, the global managed security services market revenues could surpass $32.2 billion by 2022, a 10.6% compound annual growth rate (CAGR).

But there are challenges to overcome including:

  • Enterprise adoption of MSSP services is a cost-based decision made to outsource legacy and tactical services.
  • MSSP deployments tend to be multivendor environments which create security silos, increasing cost and complexity.
  • Keeping pace with the speed of digital transformation in the enterprise means that MSSPs need to embrace new technologies at an even faster pace and rapidly build the expertise to deliver new security services.


MSSP challenges


To increase profitability and build a strong future, MSSPs must add more value at a strategic level to their customers. There is a dire need for skilled IT security talent in the enterprise that presents a strategic opportunity for MSSPs. The road ahead for MSSPs is to train their teams on new technologies and offer new services needed to secure the data and IT infrastructure of the new digital enterprise.

The Fortinet Value

The Fortinet Value

Fortinet enables MSSP partners to create new revenue streams, improve margins, and deliver differentiated services. Fortinet continues to drive market evolution with the security-driven networking solutions that deliver security effectiveness, cost, and performance for use cases spanning enterprises on-premises, multi-cloud environments, branch, and remote deployments.

Only Fortinet delivers this breadth of tightly integrated and fully automated solutions in various form factors—physical , virtual and cloud services. Fortinet’s IP in ASIC-driven security processing unit and virtual security processing unit reduces cost and complexity while delivering high-performance services.

MSSP partners can build new services on Fortinet products that offer the flexibility to accommodate different architectural requirements specific to MSSP environments including multitenancy, custom portals, comprehensive automation and orchestration support, centralized management and analytics, custom reporting, and bulk deployment capabilities. Fortinet offers products and services for cloud migration, security in the cloud, and protection for enterprise and service provider infrastructures.

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