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Web Application and API Protection for State

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FortiWeb Cloud, Fortinet’s next-generation web application firewall (WAF), defends state and local government departments’ most important web apps and APIs. FortiWeb uses machine learning (ML) to eliminate the false positives that drive administrative overhead and provides departments effective protection for web applications against attacks and vulnerability exploits.


Strong Threat Detection

For protection against advanced threats, FortiWeb Cloud provides superior performance at scale. Protect legacy government IT infrastructure, APIs, and mission critical apps hosted in the cloud.

Cost Effective Management

FortiWeb Cloud helps state and local governments deliver leading protection with a single subscription-based solution. By simplifying regulatory requirements and preventing costly breaches, agencies save time and money.

Easy Management

FortiWeb Cloud simplifies the process of achieving compliance with automated reporting and remediation so that state and local governments can adhere to National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) guidelines.

Helping State & Local Governments Defend Web Applications with Amazon CloudFront and Fortinet WAF

State and local governments use web applications to deliver critical services for their constituents and must secure those applications against an ever expanding and evolving threat landscape. To help you keep pace with modern application deployments, Fortinet, an industry leader in application security, and AWS have partnered to provide industry-leading performance and security on AWS.

Watch this webinar to learn how the combined offerings of AWS and Fortinet can help secure your critical web applications and APIs.

Find FortiWeb Cloud on AWS Marketplace

FortiWeb Cloud is a cloud-based solution activated by the AWS Marketplace. This means that capacity planning is managed by Fortinet and that you do not have to maintain costly hardware. If you deploy your application in the same AWS region, you will also benefit from:

  • Low latency
  • A consistent compliance environment
  • In-region data transfer rates