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Fortinet Migrates Its Website to AWS, Protected by Its Own WAF-as-a-Service

“Deployment literally took just a few minutes, compared with two days when we were testing the on-premises form factor.”

 – Jayden Ye, Security Engineer, Fortinet


Two years ago, Fortinet migrated its primary website to Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS). To protect the application, the web team tested web application firewalls (WAFs) delivered on premises alongside FortiWeb Cloud WAF-as-a-Service for AWS. The WAF-as-a-Service form factor was the clear winner in performance, management, cost effectiveness, and protection.

Fortinet has realized significant benefits from the choice of WAF-as-a-Service. Deployment time was significantly lower than that of the on-premises WAFs. Paying for bandwidth according to usage—rather than reserving capacity for traffic spikes—makes for maximum cost efficiency, and having the WAF in the same AWS region as the application it is protecting reduces bandwidth costs and simplifies compliance. Fortinet is now planning to migrate all of its country-based and regional websites to the various regions of AWS.

Learn more about Fortinet’s journey by reading the case study, which details the company’s migration of its main website to AWS, protected by Fortinet’s WAF-as-a-Service.

Business Impact


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Up to 15x reduction in deployment time—less than one hour compared with up to 15 hours with on-premises form factors

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12 hours of staff time saved annually dealing with integration issues with AWS

icon benefits management

10 hours of staff time saved annually in maintenance of WAF infrastructure and hardware

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Efficient use of capacity—paying for exact usage vs. having 70% to 80% idle capacity on hand for traffic spikes

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High availability and disaster recovery provided seamlessly via SaaS, versus the need to purchase 3 appliances for on-premises form factor

icon benefits reduce complicity

Weekly enhancements with no installation required, versus the need to install firmware upgrades once every several months


Flexibility to expand globally using different AWS regions

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