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Corporate Social Responsibility

ESG Resource Center

"We believe it is our duty to make the world a safer and more sustainable place. Making social responsibility an integral part of our business allows us to improve the way we work, connect, innovate, and impact the world around us."

-Ken Xie, CEO of Fortinet


Our company vision - a digital world you can always trust - is essential to achieving just and sustainable societies. We believe it is our responsibility to deliver on that vision by innovating sustainable security technologies, diversifying cybersecurity talent, and promoting responsible business across our value chain.

Main Areas of Impacts

Cybersecurity Risks to Society
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Cybersecurity Skills Gap
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Product Environmental Impacts
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Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion
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Information Security & Privacy
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Business Ethics
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Responsible Product Use
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Latest CSR News

Fortinet Releases its Inaugural Sustainability Report

Fortinet announced its inaugural Sustainability Report, detailing the company’s sustainability strategic framework, initiatives, and key performance metrics. The company plans to share updated progress on an annual basis.