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California Enterprise Technology Contract

Region: Americas
Effective Date: February 1, 2022

General Information


  • Prices shown are Manufacturer Suggested Retail Prices. If you require a price quote contact your authorized Fortinet reseller.

Hardware Prices:

  • For warranty coverage included in price of hardware, please click here.

Pricing Policies:

  • Pricing subject to change by Fortinet at any time without notice.
  • Purchase of a FortiGate System upgrade automatically upgrades the support package previously purchased for the upgraded unit.

FortiCare/FortiGuard Continuous Service Policy:

  • Fortinet designed FortiCare support and FortiGuard subscriptions to be continuous. When a customer does not renew by the expiration date, then a lapse in the service period occurs. Lapses in service will now require coverage back to contract expiration date in order to maintain continuous service coverage. The maximum back coverage is limited to   six months. In other words, if the coverage has lapsed for more than six months, then out of a one-year renewal contract, six months will be used to cover the lapse in service and then the remaining service time will be used to provide continuing service. The difference between the new start date and end date will not be greater than the service period purchased.

Premium RMA & Secure RMA Contract Elements:

  • If Secure RMA service support does not appear for an appliance - Call for availability
  • All Premium RMA Support availability must be verified by partner using the Premium RMA Service Availability Tool prior to ordering
  • Definitions:
      Next Day Delivery Hardware Premium RMA add-on Service    
      Parts-only delivered onsite, on the next day of RMA approval by Fortinet by 15:00 local TAC time    
      4-Hour Hardware Delivery Premium RMA add-on Service    
      Parts-only delivered onsite, 24x7 within 4 hours of RMA approval by Fortinet    
      4-Hour Hardware and Onsite Engineer  Premium RMA add-on Service    
      Parts and engineer delivered onsite, 24x7 within 4 hours of RMA approval by Fortinet    
      Secure RMA add-on Service    
      Allows non return of defective hardware on RMA part replacement    

1. Prices are for one year of Premium RMA support.  Usual discounts can be applied.
2. Annual contracts only.  No multi-year SKUs are available for these services.
3. Contact Fortinet Renewals team for upgrade quotations for existing FortiCare contracts.
4. Contact PRMA to check availability in areas not found through the PRMA service availability tool.

Fortinet Support and Subscription Contract Entitlement Policy:

  • Please click here for Fortinet's support activation policy.