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How to Improve Your Security Mitigation to Better Address Advanced Threats

Learn how malicious hackers use advanced threats to bypass traditional security measures from key FortiGuard Labs security analyst Derek Manky. And get tips on how to improve your defense strategy to protect your organization against these types of attacks.

Breaking the Kill Chain of Advanced Attacks

Get an overview of an advanced attack and learn how next generation firewall, secure email gateway and sandboxing technologies can break that kill chain.

Transformed Healthcare is a Hot Target for Cyber Attacks

Healthcare organizations must ensure their valuable data is safe. Learn how Fortinet provides the ideal fit for the healthcare industry.

New Protection Strategies for Healthcare Networks

In an interview recorded at ISMG's 2015 Healthcare Information Security Summit in San Francisco, Deena Thomchick, Director of Product Marketing at Fortinet, discussed: Why healthcare networks are notoriously difficult to secure. The importance of going beyond perimeter defenses by securing networks from the inside out.The new skills security practitioners need to effectively guard important clinical data

FortiSandbox Protects Against Advanced Threats Fast

This quick video describes how sandboxing works to catch advanced threats and why FortiSandbox delivers better protection and better performance as an advanced threat protection solution.

Where to Deploy Your Sandbox

Today, organizations are looking at adding sandboxing to their security infrastructure. There are many ways and places to deploy this powerful technology. Learn why integrating it with your Secure Email Gateway is one of the best.

Fortinet Security Fabric

This one-minute animated video illustrates how Fortinet Security Fabric protects your entire network from IoT to the cloud to provide security without compromise.


Fortinet announces Strategic Alliance with Telefónica

Central Catholic High School

Ends network downtime, improves visibility and performance

Cypress-Fairbanks Independent School District Secures Network and Increases Capacity

Frankie Jackson, CTO of Cypress-Fairbanks Independent School District