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Fortinet Secure Access Demo & Solution Overview

Fortinet Demo Series with Solutions Expert providing an overview of the product and a brief demo. 

View, design, and deploy your access network to address today’s challenges of BYOD explosion, demanding users, and limited IT resources. In this webinar demo, see how Fortinet’s fully integrated wireless, wired, and security solution provides the network access and security needed today.

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Simplify Your Small Business IT and Security

Small businesses are looking for an effective solution that not only combats today’s sophisticated threats but also simplifies their expanding wired and wireless networks. Connected Unified Threat Management (UTM) comes in, providing a consolidated platform not just for all of the security needs, but also networking requirements.

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Spin Up and Spin Down Firewall Rules with Hypervisor-Based Security

This technical paper explains how Fortinet components and the VMware network security platform interact and work together to deliver best-in-class, hypervisor-based security.

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Security Incident Report: Data Breach at Target Corporation

Back in 2014 Target Corp experienced a data breach that impacted 40 million records and personal information for 70 million others. While most companies are protected from this specific malware breach, there are a number of broader security considerations.

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Security e-book: Today’s Defense Against Tomorrow’s Breaches

Understand why the traditional perimeter-based protection strategies are no longer enough and why deploying specialized “internal segmentation” firewalls throughout your organization may help give your network the edge it needs to respond and react to today’s advanced threats.

Case Studies
Shared Services Canada

Government of Canada selects Fortinet to secure its Information Technology infrastructure