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5G/LTE Wireless WAN

Extend, ensure, and secure your network with FortiExtender cellular gateways

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FortiExtender cellular gateways provide ultra-fast LTE and 5G wireless to connect and scale any WAN edge. Get 5G/LTE cellular, high availability, out-of-band management (OBM), and advanced threat protection in one solution.

  • Integrated security reduces the attack surface.
  • Optimal wireless reception via Power over Ethernet (PoE) gateways delivers the best experience.
  • Dual SIM and dual modem options boost network reliability up to four times.
  • True out-of-band management in FortiExtender Cloud.


Features and Benefits

5G/LTE for Wireless WAN

Scale your edge broadband with gigabit and multigigabit wireless WAN links.

High Availability

Get up to four times the network reliability for any branch, with dual SIM and dual modem gateways.

Out-of-Band Management

Continue site-device management and deliver consistent connectivity during a wired outage.

Fortinet Security Fabric Integration

Manage your 5G/LTE gateways in FortiGate or FortiManager and apply robust protection.

Enterprise Automation

Add FortiManager for single-pane automation and management of the entire wired/wireless network.


Add FortiManager to provision use of 5G/LTE links with Fortinet Secure SD-WAN.

FortiExtender Use Cases

FortiExtender enables resilient and high-performance connectivity, anywhere with:

FortiExtender Models and Specifications

FortiExtender appliances come in several indoor models with different LTE modem performance. All models offer multiple LAN ports and a secondary WAN ethernet port. FortiExtender Appliances can be managed by a FortiGate or from the cloud by the FortiExtender Cloud service.



Model Internal Modem(s) Modem Type Coverage FortiExtender Cloud
FEX-511F Single 5G Sub-6 Global Yes
FEX-311F Single CAT-16 LTE (1Gbps) AM, EA Yes
FEX-212F Dual CAT-12 LTE (600mbps) Global Yes
FEX-211E Single CAT-12 LTE (600 Mbps) Global Yes
FEX-202F Dual CAT-7 LTE (300Mbps) AM,EA Yes
FEX-201F Single CAT-7 LTE (300Mbps) AM,EA Yes
FEX-200F None N/A N/A Yes
FEX-101F Single CAT-6 LTE (300mbps) AM, EA Yes
Fortinet Security Fabric: Secure Networking

Secure Networking

Traditional security strategies can’t keep up with the challenges of your expanding attack surface – from remote work, to mobility, to multi-cloud networks. Fortinet Secure Networking addresses these challenges by tightly integrating network infrastructure with security architecture, meaning your network will remain secure as it scales and changes.

FortiExtender News

CRN’s 2020 Products Of The Year

Fortinet is accelerating data center security performance with its seventh-generation network processor—the NP7—which made its first appearance in the company’s FortiGate 1800 firewall earlier this year.