Extend Your Platform with FortiGate Connectors

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FortiGate Connectors

In increasingly dynamic network environments, security solutions must be ever more tightly coordinated with networking and other IT infrastructure to provide agility in the face of fast-paced and rapidly changing operations. Fortinet’s security solutions feature API’s and other interfaces to make them highly extensible platforms. FortiGate Connectors provide out-of-the-box integration and orchestration of FortiGate or FortiManager with key SDN and other technology solutions—including with leading vendors such as Cisco and Hewlett-Packard Enterprise (HPE). FortiGate Connectors are packaged as separate software components to complement new or existing FortiGate or FortiManager hardware or virtual appliances without requiring hardware or software modifications. Depending on the vendor platform, FortiGate Connectors can often be installed and configured within a matter of minutes to provide turnkey connectivity between FortiGate security and existing vendor infrastructure.


FortiGate Connectors


FortiGate Connectors for Cisco ACI

Cisco Application Centric Infrastructure (ACI) provides an on-demand policy-driven infrastructure to simplify application policy orchestration and help reduce error-prone manual security configuration.

The FortiGate Connector for Cisco ACI seamlessly integrates the L4-L7 network and security service insertion for both physical and virtual FortiGate data center firewall appliances by uploading compatible device packages through the Cisco Application.

The joint solution ensures that data center workloads receive best-in-class security service insertion consistently throughout the network with automation.


FortiGate Connectors for OpenStack Neutron

Cloud architects deploying OpenStack have the option to integrate and leverage FortiGate’s next-generation firewall to deliver advanced security and control of traffic for private, public, and hybrid clouds. The FortiGate Connector for OpenStack Neutron realizes the vision of Fortinet’s software-defined network security by providing management, security orchestration, and traffic routing in a seamless package.

The FortiGate Connector for OpenStack Neutron enables a FortiGate physical or virtual appliance to operate as an OpenStack Neutron network node and delivers the best of both worlds in advanced security and network performance. 

Running an external FortiGate appliance enables higher throughput and lower latency for network services such as NAT and DHCP than Neutron running on a Nova compute node (virtualization host). A combined solution leveraging high-speed hardware ASICs in physical appliances can boost Neutron performance and eliminate bottlenecks to offer the best-in-class advanced security and networking in one package. 


FortiGate Connectors for HP VAN SDN Controller

The FortiGate Connector for HP VAN SDN Controller delivers security in an SDN environment. This is a more effective and efficient use of firewall and other resources through coordination of network security functions such as virus and malware protection, intrusion prevention, and application control with the SDN plane.

Designed to extend the agility and operational benefits of SDN security solutions, delivered from physical or virtual FortiGate security appliances, the integration lets you reduce OPEX, strengthen security, and derive more value from your investments in HP SDN and Fortinet Security.