Cloud-Based Management for Security and Wired Networking

FortiCloud: Simplified Deployment, Operational Efficiency, and Low TCO

  • SaaS solution ideal for MSP deployments
  • Centralized management of FortiGates
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Enabling your small business

Enabling your small business

Read the Solution Brief
Simplify with FortiCloud

Simplify with FortiCloud

Read the Solution Brief


FortiCloud can help with your security and wired networking challenges in a number of ways. Our solution addresses common IT difficulties including time-consuming provisioning, high investment costs, complex management, vulnerability to advanced threats, and the need to easily scale with growth.


FortiCloud includes:

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Turnkey provisioning: Cloud-based provisioning of FortiGate products includes FortiCloud registration functionality allowing devices to provision themselves with little expertise needed.

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Low investment costs: FortiCloud’s SaaS model eliminates the need for capital purchases.

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Easy management: Single-pane-of-glass management provides control, visibility, and reporting at the same time.

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Protection from advanced threats: Granular access controls, application usage policies, and sandbox integration adds security.

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Total scalability: Cloud-based model grows with your business.



FortiCloud Demo

A fully populated demo can be accessed from the link below. Sign up for your own account and have free access to essential features and reports with a 7-day rolling log file and 100 file submissions to FortiCloud Sandbox each day. Add the FortiCloud license and extend the logging to a full year, with more reporting and additional features enabled in the interface. 

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Sign up for FortiCloud and store one week of FortiGate for free.


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