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FortiExtender Cloud

Hosted service to deploy, manage, and optimize LTE networks

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Browser-based FortiExtender Cloud is an easy to use, hosted service that enables the management of an unlimited number of FortiExtender appliances that allow your business to connect to the internet. With free and paid service levels, you can empower your business to run anywhere around the world with an LTE connection.

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Global control of your LTE connectivity

Simplify the management of your FortiExtender internet connections with FortiExtender Cloud. Allocate bandwidth for retail, kiosk, or remote locations and streamline business operations with the push of a button.

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Speed Business Productivity

Configure your FortiExtender deployments to maximize bandwidth speed, boosting employee and business productivity. Easy, fast deployment allows you to spend more time focused on growing your business.

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Call Out Management

One, unified interface, makes it easy to allocate and optimize bandwidth of your FortiExtender deployments, so you can provide both customers and employees with internet access.


Manage Connectivity

FortiExtender Cloud manages your FortiExtender high-speed internet connections for locations with LTE service.

Automate Plan Switching

See each device’s data usage and configure pre-set rules to enable automatic switching and maximize ROI.

Actionable Reports

Historical in-depth logs and charts allow you enhance the configuration of your FortiExtender devices.

Connecting your FortiExtender to FortiExtender Cloud has never been so easy!


Speak to a Fortinet sales representative or authorized reseller    


Purchase a license for the number of devices to be managed    


Log into FortinetOne and enter the license number into your account

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FortiExtender Cloud Offerings


FortiExtender Analytics & Management Free Service Subscription
Number of Devices 3 unlimited
Traffic and application visibility    
Hosted log retention 7 Days 1 Year
Cloud provisioning    
Predefined reports    
Customized log retention    
Customized reports    
Config Management    

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