Customer Analytics and Engagement Tools for Retailers


  • Combines Wi-Fi and analytics to deliver end-to-end solution
  • Provides data needed to understand and influence shopping behavior
  • Includes analytics, reports, competitor intelligence, and influence engine

Understand and Influence Consumer Shopping Behavior

Get more than just location-based analytics. Our unique combination of statistical analytics with a sophisticated customer engagement engine, including social Wi-Fi capability, enables retailers to influence customer buying decisions to attract new customers and increase purchase sizes.

The FortiPresence wireless retail analytics solution includes:

Presence and Positioning Analytics: real-time location trends, total visitors, time spent in store, comparison across stores, and heat maps with animated flows

Influence Engine: real-time targeted ad generation, visibility into customer product searches, digital sign integration, API for loyalty app, and third-party services

Customer Engagement Tools: social Wi-Fi, conversion and bounce rates, visitor contact info, and wayfinding and related services

All-in-one: simplifies deployment and reduces complexity by covering all protocols in a single common sandbox platform

Cloud-based Service: no hardware to purchase or manage means quick and easy deployment