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Wi-Fi Applications


  • Ensures successful wireless LAN deployment
  • Simplifies management and troubleshooting & optimizes wireless LAN performance
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Wi-Fi Applications

Simplify WLAN planning and deployment with our graphical Wireless LAN planning and post-deployment site survey tool. Using FortiPlanner ensures planning accuracy through sophisticated signal propagation ray-tracing algorithms. After deployment, a real-time coverage heat map shows you areas that need fine-tuning, such as coverage holes or especially congested areas.

FortiPlanner includes:

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An intuitive user interface

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Ability to import your floor plan

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Choice of various deployment scenarios

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Post-deployment site survey to resolve issues

View the FortiPlanner Product Demo

FortiPlanner Product Demo

The free demo version of the product provides all functionality, the only limitation is that only 10 Access Points can be planned in the free version. All Fortinet products are covered by the product including specialist tools such as the Virtual Cell architecture of the Controller product. The full Version is available with the Fortinet Developer Network Subscription.

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