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Secure Home Network

Linksys HomeWRK | Secured by Fortinet is a secure network solution for the employee’s home office

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Hybrid workers require the same capabilities at home that they have in the corporate office. However, the home office may not have a reliable connection and sufficient bandwidth.

Linksys HomeWRK | Secured by Fortinet is an enterprise-grade, next-generation firewall for work-from-home employees. It delivers a secure and reliable network connection for both corporate and personal needs in one integrated unit. Featuring the latest Wi-Fi 6 with mesh technologies, Linksys HomeWRK enables organizations to provide their remote workers with a reliable whole-home network, prioritized for corporate communications and collaboration tools.

Delivering enterprise security to home networks for remote workers

Combining expertise in security and connectivity, Fortinet and Linksys have created an enterprise networking solution for remote and hybrid workers. See how Linksys HomeWRK for Business | Secured by Fortinet improves productivity, optimizes user experience, and maintains enterprise-grade security for employees working from home.

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Extend Corporate Security and Connectivity to the Home Office

A secure and reliable network for the home office is an extension and important part of an organization's network infrastructure.  Connectivity, security, and visibility at all locations affect workforce efficiency.


Linksys HomeWRK Models and Specs

We offer a flexible subscription model for Linksys HomeWRK to meet each business’s needs and budget. Organizations can enjoy the latest connectivity features and security protection that are delivered automatically to every Linksys HomeWRK node.


  One-node Pack Two-Node Pack
Standard Fortinet Security AdvancedFortinet Security Standard Fortinet Security Advanced Fortinet Security
Whole-home mesh Wi-Fi Included Included Included Included
Anti-virus Included Included Included Included
Web filtering Included Included Included Included
Malicious and unwanted site blocking Included Included Included Included
Adware protection Included Included Included Included
Ransomware prevention Included Included Included Included
SSL deep inspection Included Included Included Included
Security logging Included Included Included Included
Application control - Included - Included
Intrusion prevention - Included - Included
Botnet protection - Included - Included

* A subscription for an additional node is available to expand Wi-Fi coverage at home.

Features and Benefits

Hyperscale Security


Built with the latest Wi-Fi 6 tri-band technology, Linksys HomeWRK delivers a high-performance corporate and personal network connection for employees at home via a single device. Home offices will get full coverage and seamless roaming, without a weak signal or dead spots.
Visibility Protection


Linksys HomeWRK enables local protection for an employee’s home and secure remote access to the corporate network. Fortinet security includes antivirus (AV), web filtering, intrusion prevention (IPS), application control, anti-botnet, and IPsec VPN.
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A single management console delivers real-time visibility to monitor the performance of all devices connected to the corporate network, anywhere, anytime. Zero-touch provisioning streamlines employee onboarding with simple plug-and-connect devices, requiring no complicated wiring for deployment.
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Linksys HomeWRK empowers IT to prioritize network traffic that is optimized for video conferencing and collaboration tools, like Zoom and Microsoft Teams.
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Linksys HomeWRK supports multiple SSIDs which means employees can have separate personal networks along with the corporate network. Employees maintain complete ownership of the home network and security settings. All household members can benefit from a private, fast, and secure connection for non-corporate devices.
Automation Driven Network


Linksys HomeWRK’s affordable subscriptions eliminate the enterprise’s upfront investment and require very little maintenance and updating by IT staff. The solution is scalable and new users are easy to add as business grows.