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Secure SD-WAN ROI Calculator

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Fortinet Secure SD-WAN enables better application experience, simplifies WAN operations and reduces costs by migrating from expensive MPLS to broadband connectivity, while also integrating advanced security features.

Enter your data in the calculator below to learn how much you could save with Fortinet Secure SD-WAN.

Number of Sites
Enter Number of Office Locations.
Number of Hubs
Enter number of data centers.
Monthly MPLS Cost Per Site
Enter average monthly cost for each branch office's MPLS WAN link.
MPLS Bandwidth Requirement Per Site
Enter average bandwidth capacity in Mbps for each branch office's MPLS WAN link.
Percentile of MPLS Reduction
Enter the percentage of MPLS links that will be replaced by internet connections.
Monthly Internet Cost Per Site
Enter average monthly cost of internet for every branch and hub.
Internet Bandwidth Available Per Site
Enter the average bandwidth capacity that internet provides for branches and hubs.
Number of Years
Enter the number of years to calculate ROI for.
Secure SD-WAN
Select if NGFW security is a requirement.
Total Savings of over Years
Existing WAN MPLS Cost
Increase WAN Bandwidth Per Site
Enable Better Security Posture
This calculation is for estimation purposes only and doesn't account for legacy router maintenance cost.

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