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Fortinet Solutions for Securing Microsoft 365

Protect sensitive data, ensure trusted communications, and safeguard productivity against cyber threats.

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Securing Microsoft 365

Over 258 million people use the Microsoft’s Microsoft 365 productivity and collaboration suite today. Ensuring strong identity and access management across employees accessing Microsoft 365, protecting sensitive files and data from exposure, incorporating Microsoft 365 into a broader corporate SaaS strategy, and addressing email security gaps are a few critical areas IT and security teams must address when using M365.

While there are foundational and premium security controls built into Microsoft 365 these native controls may not effectively mitigate risk and align to an organization’s overall security and compliance needs.


Enhanced security for Microsoft 365

Fortinet provides powerful solutions for organizations using Microsoft 365. These solutions protect sensitive data, ensure trusted communications, and help safeguard productivity loss due to cyber threats.

Backed by FortiGuard Labs threat intelligence and integrated into the Fortinet Security Fabric, Fortinet security solutions strengthen protection for Microsoft 365 customers.


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There's more to security for Microsoft 365 you need to think about...

Secure Microsoft 365 – Solutions as a Service

Fortinet offers unprecedented security and visibility for organizations seeking to secure Microsoft 365. Use cases include:

Email Security

Email Security

Microsoft 365 Defender performed poorly in independent testing for email security by SE Labs with a Total Accuracy Rating of 28%. Fortinet FortiMail can bolster security for organizations using mail services from M365. Fortinet achieved:

  • 90% Total Accuracy and AAA rating from SE Labs
  • 99.84% Spam Capture Rate from Virus Bulletin
SaaS Strategy

Microsoft 365 as part of your broader Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) strategy

Microsoft 365 is likely just one of numerous critical SaaS applications your organization relies on. FortiCASB can help unify protection of data and give you visibility into risk across your organization’s broader SaaS usage.  With FortiCASB, you can:

  • Centralize policy and governance across SaaS applications
  • Discover and assess risk associated with compliance
  • Protect valuable files and data from exposure
  • Accelerate go-to-market when deploying new SaaS applications
Guard Against Malware

Guard against malware and malicious files and content

Productivity tools like Microsoft 365 touch a tremendous amount of sensitive information and data. Protecting this information is critical. Utilizing artificial intelligence (AI) and advanced machine learning (ML), FortiSandbox provides advanced protection against known and unknown malicious threats and URLs. FortiSandbox delivers:

  • Protection against advanced threats and ransomware
  • Detection of both known and unknown threats
  • Results in minutes
Multi-Factor Authentication

Multi-factor authentication for M365 and SaaS

According to a recent report, of the breaches caused by social actions, 62% resulted in the theft of credentials. FortiAuthenticator and FortiToken provide organizations with strong multi-factor authentication to protect against unauthorized access to Microsoft 365 environments. Capabilities include:

  • Two-factor authentication/OTP secure and integrated throughout the organization
  • Identification of network users and enforcement identity-based policy
  • Single sign-on functionality for internal and cloud networks

Other Fortinet solutions that may be appropriate for securing your Microsoft 365 implementation include FortiIsolator for browser security, and FortiEDR for real-time, automated endpoint protection.