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FortiCWP Container Guardian

Fortinet Container Guardian technology is a container-integrated security solution that provides deeper visibility into the security posture for container registries and images.

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Fortinet’s FortiCWP Container Guardian solution provides deeper visibility into the security posture for container-based workloads across-multi-cloud environments.

FortiCWP Container Guardian simplifies DevSecOps adoption by integrating security in the early stages of the software development process to provide ongoing protection for containers and Kubernetes workloads.

Expanded Visibility

Expanded Visibility

  • Centralized dashboard with key insights into container registries and Kubernetes clusters for any cloud
  • Detects vulnerabilities in container images and repositories
  • Detects non-compliant Kubernetes clusters
  • Deeper analysis into components and risk posture for Kubernetes clusters
  • Visibility into container relationships and traffic connections
Automates Security and builds CI/CD pipeline

Automates Security and builds CI/CD pipeline

  • Integrations with developer toolchains to integrate image vulnerability scanning into CI/CD workflow
  • Offers customizable CI/CD integration policies to allow images to be deployed to container registries if it meets a certain security threshold
  • Automating security allows DevOps team to focus on more critical aspects of the application build cycle.
Vulnerability Management

Vulnerability Management

  • Deeper insights into vulnerabilities for images, containers, hosts and work nodes with automated policy enforcement
  • Continuously monitors and scans registries for new vulnerabilities to provide continued protection


  • Enhances compliance against Industry-wide Security best practices
  • Scans for misconfigurations and other non-compliant security practices
  • Policy enforcement tools monitor and drive Security governance
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Broad Platform Integrations