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Cloud-Native Network
Firewall Service

FortiGate CNF is a managed firewall service offering enterprise-grade protection on AWS

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Offload security infrastructure maintenance. Get deep visibility and apply robust controls. Optimize cloud security spend.

Deliver right-sized network security with better ROI

Cloud security is now a business imperative. Organizations need a network security solution in the cloud that offers advanced protection, flexibility, and predictable costs.

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Easily Automate and Scale with Cloud-native Integrations

FortiGate Cloud-Native Firewall (FortiGate CNF) delivers frictionless security at any scale for AWS environments. Fortinet manages the service delivery infrastructure, simplifying network security operations and lowering costs.

FortiGate CNF combines next-generation firewall (NGFW) capabilities like intrusion prevention system (IPS), web filtering, Domain Name System (DNS) security, and more—with distinct cloud advantages such as integrations with:

  • AWS Firewall Manager - Helps streamline cloud workflows for provisioning FortiGate CNF and reduces mean time to identify and remediate non-compliance issues.
  • AWS Gateway Load Balancer - Eliminates do-it-yourself automation, provides implicit high availability, and offers on-demand scaling
  • AWS Marketplace - Simplifies procurement and consumption, and increases agility of security operations

Features and Benefits


Stop attacks and data exfiltration as network traffic flows across trust zones with NGFW security.


Focus only on security-policy management and offload service-infrastructure maintenance to Fortinet.


Apply consistent security policies across diverse environments with intuitive centralized management.


Pay as you go and optimize costs with just
one firewall service instance for an
entire region.


Simplify security delivery with high resiliency across cloud networks and availability zones at scale.

FortiGate CNF Use Cases

Seamlessly scale threat protection cost-effectively through integration with AWS services and maintain a consistent and robust security posture across cloud environments.

Fortinet Security Fabric Pillar: Cloud Security

Cloud Security

The most effective security requires cross-cloud visibility. Fortinet Cloud Security Solutions allow you the necessary visibility and control across cloud infrastructures, enabling secure applications and connectivity in your data center and across your cloud resources while maximizing the benefits of cloud computing.

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