Fortinet Use Cases for AWS

Fortinet dynamic cloud security enables the broadest set of use cases for AWS.

Cloud Platform Visibility and Control

  • Cloud infrastructure visibility and control.
    Monitor activity and configuration of multiple cloud resources while simplifying regulatory compliance reporting.

  • Compliance in the cloud.
    Automate compliance auditing and reporting for on-premises and cloud environments.

  • Cloud-based security management and analytics.
    Leverage the global presence of AWS to deploy centralized and global security management and analytics systems in the cloud.

Application Security

  • Web application security.
    Secure web applications from known and unknown attacks using Fortinet web application security solutions.

  • Container security.
    Enable security for all stages of container deployment and rollout.

Network Security

  • Secure hybrid cloud.
    Deploy secure connectivity, network segmentation, and application security for hybrid-cloud-based deployments.

  • Cloud security services hub.
    Unify disparate environments through a central security services hub, or transit network.

  • Logical (intent-based) segmentation.
    Deploy intent-based segmentation, which builds access rules and segments based on user identity or business logic, and adjusts rules dynamically in response to a continuous trust assessment.

  • Secure remote access
    Connect to cloud resources with virtual private network (VPN) connections across multiple cloud and on-premises environments.

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