Security for VMware NSX

Advanced security for east-west, north-south traffic flows

Understand how FortiGate VM for NSX-T augments VMware security
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FortiGate-VM | VMware NSX-T Data Center

By extending the FortiGate-VM native integration with the VMware NSX-T Data Center, Fortinet delivers advanced security for east-west and north-south traffic. This deep integration provides customers with the confidence to extend their virtualized infrastructure across multi-hypervisor environments, private, and public clouds with a unified security layer. This joint solution enables zero-trust security across hypervisors and clouds, mitigating lateral movement of threats and providing advanced L7 security. It also enables policy-based firewall controls on each virtualized network interface card across the data center for east-west traffic inspection.  FortiManager has a built-in NSX-T fabric connector to enable automation and provide dynamic object updates between the VMware NSX Manager and the FortiGate-VM security nodes. 


FortiGate VM integration with VMware NSX-T

FortiGate-VMX for VMware NSX-V (NSX for vSphere)

FortiGate-VMX for VMware NSX-V provides advanced L7 protection of east-west traffic within the software-defined data center (SDCC) and north-south traffic moving in and out of the SDDC. There are two components in this solution—Service manager, the interface between the FortiGate-VMX security nodes and the VMware infrastructure, and FortiGate-VMX which enforces security policies. VMware NSX-V enables FortiGate-VMX security nodes to be automatically provisioned and deployed to each ESXi node. FortiGate-VMX provides automated security and visibility into threats while reducing error-prone manual intervention. The service manager registers the security service definitions with VMware NSX-V and centralizes license management and configuration synchronization.

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