Network Segmentation, Secure Connectivity, and Application Protection with FortiGate-VM

FortiGate-VM offers a consistent security posture and protects connectivity across public and private clouds, while high-speed VPN connections protect data. FortiGate-VM shares the same advanced features of the FortiGate next-generation firewall (NGFW), enabling and enforcing security policies across all environments and providing single-pane-of-glass management. FortiGate-VM ensures complete application security and secure connectivity by augmenting micro-segmentation with advanced L7 security.

FortiGate-VM offers protection from a broad array of threats, with support for all of the security and networking services offered by the same FortiOS 6.2 operating system available on any public cloud, private cloud, carrier virtual network functions (VNFs) and physical form factors. It allows organizations to leverage a consistent operational model with existing skillsets.

It delivers the industry’s highest performance, value, and flexibility for complete content and network protection with the smallest footprint VM and the fastest boot times for flexible deployments for the cloud and carrier NFV deployments. Leveraging the virtual security processing unit (vSPU) architecture, it supports high-performance applications in the cloud for use cases requiring scale-up architectures such as VPN, intrusion prevention system (IPS), and application control.

Additionally, Fortinet Fabric Connectors deliver the ability to abstract security policies and provide consistent policies in dynamic, multi-vendor environments.

FortiGate-VM is available for all major cloud providers, hypervisors, and software-defined network (SDN) platforms.

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