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Effective network security is the key to achieving secure digital acceleration. FortiGate NGFWs converge networking and security to protect hybrid and hyperscale data centers. They help organizations achieve a zero-trust strategy and deliver a strong security posture. One FortiGate can be shared across network and security teams for better control and compliance.

FortiGate high-end NGFWs are driven by our seventh-generation network processor (NP7) and ninth-generation content processor (CP9). These powerful, purpose-built Security Processing Units (SPUs) deliver unparalleled performance that is essential for digital acceleration. With one operating system (FortiOS) across the Security Fabric, you get:

  • Visibility and control into users and applications with integrated ZTNA enforcement
  • Protection from known and zero-day threats with top-rated FortiGuard Services
  • Prevention of unknown threats with inline sandboxing
  • Hyperscale to meet escalating business demands

Secure Your Data Center with FortiGate Network Firewalls

FortiGate NGFWs use purpose-built security processing units (SPUs) to deliver unmatched performance. They are ideal for hybrid and hyperscale data centers. Cost and complexity are reduced by eliminating point products and consolidating security capabilities such as SSL inspection, web filtering, IPS.

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Five Mistakes To Avoid When Securing a Hybrid Network

Five Mistakes To Avoid When Securing a Hybrid Network

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Protecting Your Hybrid and Hyperscale Data Centers

Protecting Your Hybrid and Hyperscale Data Centers

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Intuitive FortiGate Dashboard

Intuitive FortiGate Dashboard

The FortiGate dashboard delivers flexibility, visibility, and simplified network operations to enable effective security decisions. Customizable NOC and SOC dashboards can suit your unique needs and share top applications, destinations, countries, and threats across hybrid IT architectures.

FortiGate High-End Next-Generation Firewall Products

FortiGate 7121F

FortiGate 7000 Series

The FortiGate 7121F Series is the industry’s highest-performing NGFW offered in a very flexible, scalable, and modular chassis design. FortiGate 7121 is the only NGFW that offers 400G interfaces in a chassis form factor. FortiGate 7121F offers flexible deployment with the ability to add more security capacity with additional modules.

Data Sheets: 7121F

FortiGate 6500F

FortiGate 6000 Series

The FortiGate 6000 Series is powered by our ninth-generation purpose-built content processor. They offer the highest SSL-inspection and threat-protection performance in a compact 3RU form factor. Plus, flexibility of deployments with I/O ranging from 100 GE, 40 GE, 25 GE, 10 GE, providing flexibility and high-speed redundancy for very large data centers.

Data Sheet: 6000F

FortiGate 4400F

FortiGate 4000 Series

The FortiGate 4000 Series is powered-by our NP7 purpose-built security processor. It delivers hyperscale connections per-second in a compact form factor. The 4000 series delivers flexible 10 GE, 25 GE, 40 GE, and 100 GE connectivity with maximum I/O scalability, providing resiliency and redundancy for hybrid and hyperscale data centers.

Data Sheets: 4800F, 4400F4200F

FortiGate 3700F

FortiGate 3000 Series

The FortiGate 3000 Series is powered by our NP7 purpose-built security processor. It offers the industry’s highest SSL-inspection performance, ultra-low latency ports, and is the only NGFW that offers 400G ports in a compact appliance form factor. Advanced security capabilities enable network segmentation and enterprise data center edge protection.

Data Sheets: 390038003700F, 3600, 35003400, 3300320031003000

FortiGate 2600F

FortiGate 2000 Series

The FortiGate 2000 Series is powered by our NP7 purpose-built security processor. It offers industry-leading SSL decryption performance, deep visibility, and device security with IPS or content security. Plus, ultra-fast connections per-second and flexible I/O connectivity ranging from 10 GE, 25 GE, 40 GE, and extending to 100 GE interfaces.

Data Sheets: 2600F

FortiGate 1800F

FortiGate 1000 Series

The FortiGate 1000 Series (except 1100E, which is powered by NP6) features our NP7 security processor and delivers deep visibility with top SSL-inspection and threat protection performance. FortiGate 1800F offers 15x more connections per-second than industry average, plus flexible I/O connectivity ranging from 10 GE, 25 GE, and 40 GE interfaces.

Data Sheets: 1800F, 1100E

To manage the entire enterprise and get even deep automation and control, try FortiManager

Features and Benefits

FortiOS Everywhere
Having one operating system enables seamless network and security convergence.

Purpose-built processors ensure security scales with business needs.

AI/ML-Powered FortiGuard Services
Coordinated, real-time threat intelligence protects from even the newest threats.

Data Center Use Cases

FortiGate high-end firewalls are ideal for hybrid, hyperscale, and segmented data centers.