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Video Surveillance System

Protect your assets and properties with smart physical security

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Video surveillance systems must keep pace with the security issues faced by modern businesses. Analog CCTV and aging video surveillance equipment fail to deliver reliable and proactive security protection that a business needs in today’s dynamic environment. Beyond cybersecurity challenges, disjointed video surveillance cameras and recording systems increase operational complexity, add to the burden of manual management, and provide only limited reduction of business risks and liabilities.

Fortinet offers a secure video surveillance system that helps organizations create safer workspaces to protect employees, safeguard properties, and prevent losses from threats, thefts, and vandalism. Built on the highest security standards and employing innovative AI technologies, Fortinet empowers organizations of any size to unify video surveillance and physical security management with one integrated platform. Unlike many one-size-fits-all solutions, Fortinet is fully customizable. Your teams can easily configure the video surveillance system and build a secure and productive environment that works for your business. Fortinet’s comprehensive video surveillance solution gives you the premium features you need in video surveillance cameras, network video recorders, video management software, and mobility support—without the premium pricing.


Create Safer and Smarter Environment with Ease

Fortinet’s powerful video surveillance solution simplifies video management to optimize your operations performance and protect what matters to you.

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Fortinet’s video surveillance solution helps you build a secure and efficient environment with a combination of smart FortiCamera, high-performance FortiRecorder NVR, and intuitive FortiCentral VMS. You have the real-time visibility to know what is happening, whether you are in the office, at home, or on the go.

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FortiCamera delivers unmatched video quality regardless of lighting conditions. Seamlessly integrated with FortiRecorder network video recorder (NVR), and FortiCentral video management software, you have the comprehensive video surveillance to protect your employees, assets, and properties. FortiCamera comes in a selection of form factors including fixed dome, bullet, and minibox cameras, to meet your unique business needs.


FortiCamera FCM-FB50

FCM-FB50 is a high-end bullet camera equipped with motorized autofocus zoom lens that simplify your installation without physical adjustment.  Built with the Ultra Wide Dynamic Range (Ultra-WDR) technology and a 5MP low-light sensor, this high-performance camera captures people and objects without loss of details, even at night.

  • 5 megapixel HD image with latest H.265 compression
  • Motorized 4x autofocus zoom lens
  • Shutter ultra-WDR with a low-light progressive sensor
  • IR illumination distance up to 100 ft / 30 m
  • SD card support to 128 GB
  • Two-way audio; line in/out
  • 3D noise reduction
  • 802.3af PoE standard
  • Optional mounting accessories are available

FortiCamera FCM-FE120B

FCM-FE120B is a superior fisheye network camera delivering quality video with 360-degree panoramic view of large areas. High sensitivity CMOS sensor and Shutter WDR enable FCM-FE120B to work in any complicated light situations. This compact and feature-packed camera is easy to install and provides excellent surveillance coverage without any blind spots.

  • 12 megapixel high resolution (9MP video)
  • 360-degree surround view when ceiling mount; 180-degree panoramic view in wall mount
  • Shutter ultra-WDR with low-light progressive sensor
  • IR illumination distance up to 60 ft / 20 m
  • Built-in microphone
  • Local dewarping
  • 802.3at PoE standard
  • Optional mounting accessories are available

FortiCamera FCM-FD50

FCM-FD50 is a high-performance network camera delivering the best-in-class video quality with the latest H.265 compression to consume less bandwidth. Combined with style and technology, this fixed dome camera captures anything coming to you. Its 4x motorized zoom autofocus lens with advanced low-light sensor and true Ultra-WDR enable it to work in almost any light condition.

  • 5 megapixel resolution with latest H.265 compression
  • Motorized 4x autofocus zoom lens
  • Shutter ultra-WDR with low-light progressive sensor
  • IR illumination distance up to 100 ft / 30 m
  • Two-way audio with built-in mic
  • 3D noise reduction
  • 802.3af PoE standard
  • Optional mounting accessories are available

FortiCamera FCM-CD51 and FCM-CD55

FCM-CD51 and FCM-CD55 deliver premium images with a compact style, designed to simplify deployment and management. Its Bluetooth connectivity allows network configuration and view adjustment directly from a smartphone. Built-in Wi-Fi provides broader security coverage across premises. Robust IP67 weather and IK10 vandal rating combined with a built-in heater for extended temperature range make these cameras perfectly suited for any weather conditions.

  • 5 megapixel resolution with the latest H.265 compression
  • Bluetooth and Wi-Fi support
  • Lens:
    • FCM-CD51: Fixed lens with up to 95° view angle
    • FCM-CD55: Motorized 4x autofocus zoom lens
  • Dimmable IR illumination distance up to 60 ft/20 m
  • Edge storage 512GB SD
  • 3D noise reduction
  • 802.3af PoE standard
  • Optional mounting accessories available

Enjoy the rich video surveillance features and reliable operation with FortiRecorder systems. Fortinet offers high-performance and high-capacity network video recorders that support up to 64 cameras with continuous recording up to 32 TB of storage per unit. You also have the flexibility to deploy in virtual machine with up to 1024 cameras and unlimited storage. Built with the highest security standards and innovative AI technologies, FortiRecorder empowers you to unify physical security management with one integrated platform.

FortiRecorder FRC-400F icon
Camera Capacity
Form Factor
1 RU
Total Interface
3x GE RJ45
1x 4 TB (4x 8 TB max.)
FortiRecorder FRC-VM
Camera Capacity
Form Factor
Virtual Machine
Total Interface
1 to 4 network cards supported
FortiCentral Video Management Software (VMS)

AI-enabled Video Management Software

FortiCentral is a comprehensive video management software (VMS) with enriched features and emerging artificial intelligence analysis.  Seamlessly working with FortiCamera and FortiRecorder NVR, this free FortiCentral application gives you centralized control and visibility to monitor videos, access footage, and search events with motion from all cameras, simultaneously, in one single place.

Featuring deep machine-learning capabilities, FortiCentral automatically detects and analyzes faces and objects to prevent security threats and incidents. Its smart technologies for face mask recognition and occupancy analysis in real time help businesses efficiently implement  best social-distancing practices within their workspaces.  Additional privacy protection makes it simple to monitor activities while safeguarding the privacy of individuals. FortiCentral’s flexible policy management and  advanced floor plan function tracks activities and triggers alerts to proactively safeguard properties.

Equipped with an intuitive interface, FortiCentral, available for every FortiRecorder system, simplifies your surveillance operation without compromising on advanced capacities.

Download FortiCentral and its smart AI modules for your FortiRecorder system

*You can easily expand the functionality in FortiCentral video management software by enabling available AI modules for advanced analysis for people, objects, face masks, occupancy as well as privacy protection that suite for your businesses.

FortiRecorder system for mobile apps

Mobile Apps

FortiRecorder mobile apps let you connect to a FortiRecorder system from anywhere, anytime. You can access live videos, playback recordings, get smart notifications of events, or track locations simultaneously, all within your fingertips.

  • Intuitive interface for viewing camera live stream, 24/7
  • Receive and play back video events
  • Smart event notifications
  • Track multiple locations simultaneously
  • Available for iOS devices (iPhone and iPad) and Android smart phones

Require iOS 11.0 or later


Require Android 5.0 or later


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FortiRecorder and FortiCamera bring physical security to your business. These network appliances enable secure video surveillance that allows you to see what’s going on, live or from a recording. Receive motion or audio detection notifications instantly. You can also choose camera profiles and schedules and get an instant overview through a dashboard. Check out the full demo and see for yourself.

Video Surveillance Use Cases

Fortinet video surveillance gives you the centralized control and visibility of everything coming to you. Combined with smart FortiCamera, FortiRecorder network recorders (NVR), and FortiCentral video management software (VMS), you have an integrated and intuitive video surveillance solution to protect your employees, assets, and properties. Fortinet physical security delivers crystal-clear video quality under any lighting condition with advanced AI analysis capabilities that helps organizations of any size build safer, more efficient workspaces.

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Preventing thefts, burglaries, and vandalism

Preventing thefts, burglaries, and vandalism

Many organizations face revenue losses and insurance premium increase from crimes, like burglaries, vandalism and thefts. According to Statistic Brain, employee thefts cost U.S. businesses $50 billion every year. The loss of assets and the damage of property might be covered by property insurance; however, the interruption of business, and security concerns from employees and customers often create a longer-term impact.

As a leading cybersecurity company, Fortinet empowers organizations to fight and prevent crimes with an integrated video surveillance system. Built with the latest security standards and AI technologies, FortiRecorder is easy to deploy and flexible to customize for your loss prevention workflows and processes against crimes. The reliable FortiCamera gives your organizations a full security coverage, day and night, for every entry point within your properties: lobbies, shipping and receiving areas, emergency exits, parking lots, garages, and more. You have a centralized control and visibility from a single management platform, onsite or remotely, 24/7.

Delivering a safe and secure environment

Delivering a safe and secure environment

Based on a recent study from the Educator’s School Safety Network (ESSN), over 3,000 threats and incidents of violence occurred in American K-12 schools during the 2018-2019 school year. A total of all violent incidents related to the presence or use of guns in a school comprised 24% of all the events that occurred.

Fortinet offers comprehensive secure video surveillance systems to help provide peace of mind across all locations. Built to perform in all weather and lighting conditions, FortiCamera delivers HD image quality with smart motion detection and low-light sensitivity technologies that capture all the activity details within your offices and the surrounding areas. Combined with FortiRecorder AI-enabled systems, Fortinet video surveillance empowers you to build safer environments for employees, students, and visitors by automatically detecting suspicious objects, vehicles, and faces, then triggering events and notifications to prevent potential incidents.  

Sustaining capacity and density control

Sustaining capacity and density control

Restaurants, retail stores, and government buildings are often required to limit the number of people in specific areas. With the increasing practice of social distancing during the coronavirus outbreak, minimizing the amount of close contact with others by controlling capacity in public places should be considered a new normal.

The Fortinet physical security solution goes well beyond a standard video surveillance system. Featuring easy video management with advanced machine-learning capabilities, FortiCentral, combined with smart FortiCamera and FortiRecorder NVR, accurately detects people entering the area and provides capacity information to help businesses manage the number of people on their premises. Additional heatmap analytics give you a visualization of the traffic frequency of an area to help you improve your business. Your team not only benefits from the most comprehensive protection from Fortinet, but also maximizes your overall video surveillance investment by generating business intelligence, at no additional cost.

Boosting operational efficiency

Boosting operational efficiency

Maintaining the security is a top priority for many organizations. In addition, smart cameras and video analysis can also collect and analyze both working habits and environment conditions to improve your business efficiency. Factories and manufacturing, for example, can benefit from physical security systems to reduce waste, control hazardous materials, and ensure regulatory compliance.  

Fortinet offers a variety of form factors, camera selections, and capacities that help businesses address the full range of their security and operational needs. Fortinet video surveillance gives organizations a simplified management platform with all-inclusive security and AI-analysis capabilities. You have everything you need to optimize business protection and operational efficiency—without the additional costs of an expensive video management system or other add-ons.

Features and Benefits

Centralized Management

Simplify management across devices and locations with visibility of any activities from one single platform


Secure and Reliable

Continuous monitoring with smart AI detection and event-based alarms to protect your organizations against crimes 24/7

Affordable and License Free

Everything you need for smart video surveillance at only a fraction of the prices from other vendors

Operations Optimization

Understand business insights with intelligent video and data analysis to improve operational efficiency

Easy Setup

Intuitive web-based portal for easy configuration and management of all video surveillance cameras and systems from anywhere

Security Fabric Integration

Single pane of glass provides visibility of threat information for quick and automated protection

Fortinet Video Surveillance Product Details

Fortinet provides customers with the simplicity and the flexibility to have the best-in-class video surveillance solution. Backed by the leading FortiOS security platform, Fortinet’s all-inclusive video surveillance systems gives you fully-equipped protection. Fortinet video surveillance systems include the following components:

FortiCamera delivers crisp, high-resolution HDTV-quality images that helps provide reliable evidence against crimes, and increase safety and efficiency in business operations. Combining style and technology, FortiCamera gives you complete security coverage with options for various camera types, viewing angles, infrared distance, low light sensitivity, audio support, and more. These affordable cameras work seamlessly with FortiRecorder systems to bring intelligence and proficiency to video surveillance for everyday security needs.

FortiRecorder helps unify the management of cameras, systems, and extended storage across locations from a single platform. These feature-rich network video recorders (NVR) give you the flexibility to personalize for optimal performance and security automation. Reliable with continuous and motion-based recordings, FortiRecorder ensures full protection of your video and the data that matters to your business. FortiRecorder also offers easy deployment with various hardware and virtual machine options to support the range of cameras and storage needed for your business. FortiRecorder works seamlessly with FortiCamera and supports a wide range of ONVIF-standard cameras.

FortiCentral gives you the centralized control and visibility of all your video surveillance across multiple locations from anywhere. This Windows-based video management software (VMS) comes with a sleek and easy-to-customize interface for fast access to real-time video and recordings. Featuring emerging artificial-intelligence (AI) technologies with smart facial/object/occupancy detection and privacy protection, FortiCentral is ideal for facilities that require critical infrastructure protection and optimization in business processes. This freeware application is tightly integrated with FortiRecorder and FortiCamera to provide a single command hub for your video surveillance system management.