Simplified Management and Next-level Analysis

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Security Management and Analytics

Security teams globally are challenged by resource constraints, both in terms of the number of staff and raw security talent. Moreover, security teams are asked to do more, often in more complex networks and with growing numbers of alerts from multiple systems. Successful security teams allay these challenges by implementing three best practices. First, they demand simplified configuration management, shortening deployment time and mitigating misconfiguration due to human error. Second, they build their environment for a single point of inspection, creating the big picture perspective that focuses them on real priorities. Third, they implement next-level analysis to cut through the noise and leverage their own security expertise.

Fortunately, these security operations best practices are embodied in the Fortinet management solution which includes, FortiAnalyzer, FortiCloud, FortiManager and FortiSIEM. Furthermore, these four products are key components in bringing Fortinet Security Fabric to life.

The Fortinet management solution delivers the following value:

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Next-level analytics that provide deep security insights

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Rapid detection of attacks and other security events

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Tailored automation with custom auditing, reports, and templates

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Simplified deployment and configuration management

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Comprehensive performance and health monitoring

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Centralized control over all your Fortinet network assets



FortiManager Physical and Virtual Appliances

FortiManager 200D, 300E, 400E, 2000E, 3000F, 3900E
FortiManager VM 
FortiManager for AWS, FortiManager for Azure

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FortiAnalyzer Physical and Virtual Appliances

FortiAnalyzer 200F, 400E, 1000E, 2000E, 3000F, 3500F, 3700F and 3900E
FortiAnalyzer VM 
FortiAnalyzer for AWS, FortiAnalyzer for Azure

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FortiSIEM for AWS

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FortiCloud Hosted Management

FortiCloud FortiGate Management
FortiCloud Wireless Access Point Management
FortiCloud MultiTenancy
FortiGuard Indicator of Compromise

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