Management and Reporting

Security Operationalized Visibility, Quantifiable Security and Cross-silo Automation

  • Fabric-based visibility reduces management & analysis complexity
  • Fabric Security Ratings assess how secure you are
Available in:
  • Appliance
  • Virtual Machine
  • Hosted
  • Cloud
FortiManager Product Demo

FortiManager Product Demo

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FortiAnalyzer Product Demo

FortiAnalyzer Product Demo

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FortiCloud Product Demo

FortiCloud Product Demo

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NOC-SOC-based Central Security Management

Security teams globally are challenged by resource constraints, both in terms of the number of staff and raw security talent. Moreover, security teams are asked to do more, often in more complex networks and with growing numbers of alerts from multiple systems. Successful security teams allay these challenges by implementing three best practices. First, they simplify the way view management, combining operation NOC-style views with security-based SOC context. Second, they regularly measure and score their security effectiveness, enabling them anytime to answer how secure they are. Third, they demand deep integration so they can automate repetitive actions, especially across silos when possible.

These best practices come from a NOC-SOC based approach and are embodied in the Fortinet central security management solution includes, FortiAnalyzer, FortiManager and FortiCloud.

The Fortinet management solution includes:

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End-to-end security operationalized visibility

icon benefits variety of settings

Cross-silo integration and automation

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Simplified deployment and configuration management

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Quantifiable security scores and trending

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Rapid detection of attacks and other security events

icon wireless fortinet network manager

Centralized control over all your Fortinet network assets



FortiAnalyzer Physical and Virtual Appliances

FortiAnalyzer 200F, 400E, 1000E, 2000E, 3000F, 3500F and 3700F
FortiAnalyzer VM 
FortiAnalyzer for AWS, FortiAnalyzer for Azure

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FortiManager Physical and Virtual Appliances

FortiManager 200D, 300E, 400E, 2000E and 3000F
FortiManager VM 
FortiManager for AWS, FortiManager for Azure

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FortiCloud Hosted Management

FortiCloud FortiGate Management
FortiCloud Wireless Access Point Management
FortiCloud MultiTenancy
FortiGuard Indicator of Compromise

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Management Product Demos

Here are demos to explore the many capabilities of FortiAnalyzer, FortiManager, and FortiCloud. FortiAnalyzer offers centralized network security logging and reporting, FortiManager provides a single-pane-of-glass to manage Fortinet’s security and networking devices, and FortiCloud enables SMB networks to deploy, monitor, and service the Security Fabric from the cloud.

FortiManager Product Demo
FortiAnalyzer Product Demo
FortiCloud Product Demo

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