USB Smart Card Token


  • Strong authentication
  • Driverless USB Device
  • FIPS-140 compliant
  • Economical PKI authentication
Data Sheet
hero authentication fortitoken 300

Prevent Data Breaches, Malware Attacks, and Policy Violations

As we've seen, passwords alone don't keep unwanted guests out of your network. Password-only authentication has led to security breaches, malware infections, and policy violations. With two-factor authentication, a password is used along with a security token and authentication server to provide far better security.

The FortiToken-300 is a USB device that must physically be connected to the client computer to be used for client certificate-based authentication. Included software must be installed on the host.

Features and benefits of the FortiToken-300 include:

random generator icon

An on-board random number generator

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On-board RSA, DES, 3DES, SHA-1

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Minimal IT resource needs with simple installation and tokens that don’t expire

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Ability to work with FortiGate and FortiAuthenticator for back-end authentication

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Support for Windows, MacOS, and Linux

Data Sheets

Network Authentication - FortiToken-300