One-Time Password Token

FortiToken 200 Series

  • Strong authentication
  • OATH compliant, time-based OTP
  • Extremely cost effective
Data Sheet

Prevent Data Breaches, Malware Attacks, and Policy Violations

As we've seen, passwords alone don't keep unwanted guests out of your network. Password-only authentication has led to security breaches, malware infections, and policy violations. With two-factor authentication, a password is used along with a security token and authentication server to provide far better security.  Authorized employees can remotely access company resources safely using a variety of devices, ranging from laptops to mobile phones.

The FortiToken 200 series are small, keychain size device that requires no client software and:

Reduces costs and complexity by leveraging existing FortiGate as the authentication server

Minimizes overhead with unique online activation option

Is a scalable solution for low entry cost and low total cost of ownership (TCO)

Has a large, easy-to-read LCD display

Data Sheets