Top-Rated, High-Performance Network Security

FortiGate Next Generation Firewalls (NGFW)

  • Top-rated security—NSS Labs “Recommended”
  • Comprehensive security in one, simplified solution
  • Flexible deployment options fit your unique requirements

End-to-end Next Gen Firewall Platform


Our award-winning network security appliances provide one platform for end-to-end security across your entire network. FortiGate next gen firewalls are optimized for internal segmentation, perimeter, cloud, data center, distributed, and small business deployments. Simplify your security posture with one security solution across your physical, virtual, and cloud deployments.

High-End Firewall

The FortiGate NGFW 1000 - 7000 High-End series delivers high-performance network security designed for the most demanding networks.

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Mid-Range Firewall

The FortiGate NGFW 900 - 100 mid-range series delivers superior performance, high gigabit port density, and consolidated network security features for mid-sized businesses and enterprise branch locations.

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Entry Level Firewall

FortiGate NGFW 90 - 30 series appliances deliver up to 4 Gbps of firewall throughput and include multiple, integrated 1 GE ports. This combination of performance, port density, and consolidated network security features offers an ideal platform for small to mid-sized businesses and enterprise branch locations.

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Firewall - Virtual Appliances

FortiGate NGFW virtual appliances offer the same level of protection as FortiGate hardware appliances, with support for all of the security and networking services offered by the FortiOS operating system.

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Firewall - Public Cloud

Secure your workloads in the public cloud, including Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure.

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Firewall Configuration Migration Tool - FortiConverter

Enable a smooth, supported migration experience while automatically eliminating errors and redundant information.

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FortiGate Connectors

Get out-of-the-box integration and orchestration of FortiGate or FortiManager with key SDN and other technology solutions.

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Get better protection, deeper visibility, and superior performance

To provide consistently top-rated security, greater visibility, and unmatched performance, we give you the unqiue combination of the most advanced threat intelligence from FortiGuard Labs with our intuitive FortiOS Operating System and purpose-built FortiASIC processors.

FortiGate enterprise firewalls include:

End-to-end security across the full attack cycle

Top-rated security validated by third parties

Internal segmentation firewall deployment for additional protection

Centralized management across physical, virtual, and cloud deployments

Best price-per-performance

Cloud-readiness: multitenancy and quick integration with public clouds



FortiGate Next Gen Firewall (NGFW) Security Features

FortiGuard Security Subscription Services enable visibility and control for next generation protection against advanced threats, including zero day attacks. Features including application and user-identity awareness; content security with integrated intrusion prevention, antivirus, and web filtering; SSL encryption/decryption; and advanced threat detection and remediation, work together to give you intelligent, effective network security.

Additional critical defense subscriptions can be easily added. You can choose individual services, or get access to all available services with the Enterprise Bundle. The Enterprise Bundle offers the most flexibility and broadest range of protection.


FortiGuard Services Antispam

Email is the #1 vector for the start of an advanced attack on an organization so highly effective antispam should be a key part of any security strategy. Every minute of every day FortiGuard Labs blocks approximately 21,000 spam emails and each week the Labs deliver approximately 46 million new and updated spam rules.

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FortiGuard Services Antivirus

Patented technologies enable FortiGuard antivirus to identify thousands of current and future malware variants with a single signature – optimizing both security effectiveness and performance. Every minute of every day FortiGuard Labs neutralizes approximately 95,000 malware programs targeting traditional, mobile, and IoT platforms.

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FortiGuard Mobile Security

Fortinet’s Mobile Security Service provides effective protection against the latest threats targeting mobile devices. Every minute of every day FortiGuard Labs neutralizes approximately 95,000 malware programs targeting traditional, mobile, and IoT platforms.

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FortiGuard Services Application Control

Organizations around the world use the FortiGuard application control and IPS capabilities in the FortiGate platform to manage thousands of different applications and block network intrusions. Every minute of every day FortiGuard IPS blocks approximately 470,000 network intrusions.

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FortiGuard Services Web Application Security

The FortiWeb Security Service provides fully automated updates to protect your sensitive data and content against the latest application-layer threats. FortiGuard Labs provides information on the latest advanced application vulnerabilities, bots, suspicious URL patterns, data-type patterns, and heuristic detection engines to prevent both new and evolving-application threats from gaining access to your web applications.

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FortiGuard Services Web Filtering

The Web Filtering Service rates over 250 million websites and delivers nearly 1.5 million new URL ratings every week. Every minute of every day FortiGuard Labs processes approximately 43 million URL categorization requests and blocks 160,000 malicious websites.

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FortiGuard Services IP Reputation and Anti-botnet Security

The FortiGuard IP Reputation Service aggregates malicious source IP data from the Fortinet distributed network of threat sensors, CERTs, MITRE, cooperative competitors, and other global sources that collaborate to provide up-to-date threat intelligence about hostile sources.

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FortiGuard Services Database Security

FortiGuard Database Security offers centrally-managed, enterprise-scale database protection. Automated content updates provide the latest pre-configured policies that cover known exploits, configuration weaknesses, OS issues, operational risks, data access privileges, and industry/regulatory best practices.

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Protect Your Entire Network with One OS

Increase security coverage while simplifying management across your physical, virtual, and cloud deployments.

FortiOS gives you one-click visibility into network traffic and one-click controls to take immediate action.

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