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Artificial Intelligence for IT Operations

FortiAIOps delivers proactive visibility and speeds IT operations, powered by AI

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FortiAIOps is an artificial intelligence with machine learning (AI/ML) solution for Fortinet networks. This ensures the quick collection of data and identification of network anomalies, saving IT time.

Leveraging the convergence within Fortinet’s Security Fabric provides network visibility and datasets across LAN, WAN, as well as applications. Fortinet network devices across the network feed the FortiAIOps dataset, enabling dynamic insights and event correlation for the network operations center (NOC).


AI-based Network Operations from Fortinet

Fortinet's FortiAIOps leverages our long company history with Aritificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to provide an optimized network experience for all users across WLAN, LAN, SD-WAN, and 5G/LTE Gateway.

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FortiAIOps operates as an MEA within FortiManager. All FortiManager versions and appliances that support management extension applications (MEAs) can support FortiAIOps.

FortiAIOps is licensed based upon the number of FortiGates (just as with FortiManager), not on the number of APs in the network. The following licenses are available for FortiAIOps:


Base license for FortiAIOps MEA. Includes management of 10 FortiGate devices.
Upgrade stackable license for adding 10 FortiGate devices
Upgrade stackable license for adding 100 FortiGate devices
Upgrade stackable license for adding 1000 FortiGate devices
Upgrade stackable license for adding 5000 FortiGate devices

Features and Benefits

Maximize Visibility

Analyzes data from across to network to enhance visibility of key details

Reduce Mean Time To Respond (MTTR)

Identifies anomalies with data visualization and correlation across Ethernet, Wi-Fi, and WAN

Reduce Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

Use dynamic AI and ML to reduce ticket volume by predicting and remediating potential issues

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