Below are answers to common questions regarding product and related services:

I have outsourced my email. Do I need FortiMail?

Yes. Given the maturity of email infrastructure, there are many good reasons to let the vendor host it for you. However, with 49% of installed malware delivered via email, it makes sense to go to an expert security vendor for email security. Of course you can absolutely select a hosted option from the security vendor too.

Will FortiMail really stop email threats like phishing, ransomware, business email compromise, and the like?

FortiMail consistently demonstrates high effectiveness in a range of independent tests, like ICSA Advanced Threat Defense for Email, and has been selected by many Global 2000 companies for just that purpose.

What’s the difference between FortiMail appliances, FortiMail in Azure/AWS, and FortiMail Cloud?

All offerings are powered by the same FortiMail technologies and FortiGuard services. The differences are in the location of the solution (on-premises, in the public cloud, or in Fortinet data centers), who manages the security infrastructure (you or Fortinet), and the pricing model (upfront with recurring support, on-demand or per user per year respectively).

Do you OEM any of the FortiMail technologies?

All FortiMail technologies are developed, enhanced, and supported in-house by Fortinet, except the Image Analysis technology. 

Can organizations of all sizes use FortiMail?

Absolutely. Whether you want an appliance, public cloud, or hosted solution, FortiMail is easily deployed and managed, scaling from the smallest location to the largest global service provider.