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Dynamic Application Security Testing (DAST)

Test and Improve Web-Application Security with FortiDAST

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FortiDAST performs automated black-box dynamic application security testing of web applications to identify vulnerabilities that bad actors may exploit. FortiDAST combines advanced crawling technology with FortiGuard Labs’ extensive threat research and knowledge base to test target applications against OWASP Top 10 and other vulnerabilities. Designed for Development, DevOps and Security teams, FortiDAST generates full details on vulnerabilities found - prioritized by threat scores computed from CVSS values – and provides guidance for their effective remediation.

How It Works

FortiDAST employs a powerful crawler and expert-designed fuzzers to crawl and test your web applications for vulnerabilities, simulating tactics threat actors would take in the real world.


Deployment Flexibility

FortiDAST provides multiple deployment options to best fit your organization's needs.


Want Full CI/CD Pipeline Coverage?

Fortinet provides DevSecOps teams with vulnerability scanning solutions to cover the entire CI/CD pipeline or Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC). Customers can choose FortiDevSec (integrated with FortiDAST) for scanning of applications both in development and production phases. FortiDAST is also natively integrated with major CI/CD tools.

Features and Benefits


Automate front-end or black-box testing of web apps against OWASP Top 10 and other vulnerabilities


Use advanced crawling to reach and scan all web application branches and pathways


Find run-time application security issues and bugs


Analyze threats and misconfigurations that pose risk based on threat scores calculated from CVSS values


Get top efficacy using fuzzers and tests skillfully written by Fortinet experts


Get full CI/CD lifecycle coverage through native integration with major tools and FortiDevSec

FortiDAST Use Cases

Scan important web applications for critical vulnerabilities that may expose risk to your organization.

Full Dashboard Visibility

FortiDAST provides a simple, intuitive console for comprehensive visibility into scheduled scans and scan results across your targeted web applications.

Advanced Crawler

FortiDAST employs an advanced crawler to explore all branches and pathways present in web applications. In addition, FortiDAST supports authenticated crawling.

360 View of Scan Activity and Results

Granular reporting on scan results gives DevSecOps members the insights needed for insights on specific web applications.

Prioritization of Vulnerabilities

FortiDAST helps you prioritize remediation based on risk rankings of vulnerabilities identified through testing.

Report Generation

Generate reports on the fly for informing leadership of vulnerabilities in web applications and associated risk. Provide reporting to auditors for demonstrating compliance.

Powerful Scanning, Affordably Priced

Fortinet provides effective and affordable vulnerability scanning for your most important web applications.

(1 Year)

✓   10 FQDNs

✓   Unlimited Scans

Fortinet Security Fabric Pillar: Cloud Security

Cloud Security

The most effective security requires cross-cloud visibility. Fortinet Cloud Security Solutions allow you the necessary visibility and control across cloud infrastructures, enabling secure applications and connectivity in your data center and across your cloud resources while maximizing the benefits of cloud computing.


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