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Start Small and Scale Fast in the Public Cloud

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Protecting Your Public Cloud Resources with Scalable Security

Small-and medium-sized businesses generally have limited IT resources. As many organizations cannot afford the cost and time of adding more hardware to an on-premises environment, they begin looking for cost-effective alternatives in the public cloud. Regardless of the business size, security in the public cloud is a shared responsibility. While the provider typically secures the deployment platform, you need to protect the applications and data put in the cloud. Fortinet security products in AWS and Azure are scalable, cost-effective and help businesses manage service level agreements (SLAs) efficiently.


Fortinet Security Fabric

AWS/Azure Security features include:

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Cost-effective licensing options using hourly on-demand or BYOL perpetually for end-to-end security

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One-click simplified and consistent security deployment with minimal IT requirements

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Auto-scaling for all workload types and business sizes, supporting a high level of security and rising demands

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Actionable reports to enforce policies, understand targeted attacks, and meet PCI-DSS compliance



Security Protection Fits All Sizes in AWS

SMB IT can spin up or decommission our security instance in as little as 30 minutes, which was very difficult with physical servers. Our complete, integrated, and consistent security offer a quick and seamless migration to AWS. Fortinet offers security features needed by every SMB, such as single-pane-of-glass management, log analytics, and advanced threat mitigation. In addition, you can achieve economies of scale with flexible bring-your-own-license (BYOL) and metering options.

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Open and Flexible Security Deployments for Microsoft Azure

In Microsoft Azure, you pay based on usage with our platform-optimized security instances, and can quickly scale your small business up or down to match your requirements. With Azure Security Center certification, you can quickly declare all Azure resources for instant and adaptive security deployment, in the same way large enterprises do. From securing cloud access, to Outlook mail security, to web application firewall, Fortinet’s extensible portfolio provides proven and highly scalable security without compromising performance. You can migrate from your private location to Microsoft Azure seamlessly and achieve economies of scale with flexible bring-your-own-license (BYOL) and hourly on-demand options.

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