Technology Alliances Overview

Integrated and Automated Solutions for End-to-End Protection

The Fortinet Security Fabric has an open architecture designed to connect traditionally disparate security solutions into a unified framework, allowing them to dynamically adapt to evolving IT infrastructure in order to defend its rapidly changing attack surface. Fortinet’s open approach extends the broad visibility, integrated threat detection and automated response of it’s Security Fabric architecture to leading technology alliance solutions through the Fabric APIs, Fabric Connectors, and DevOps scripts and tools.    

Fortinet leads a robust and growing ecosystem of technology alliance partnerships, enabling powerful complementary solutions. Fortinet’s Fabric-Ready Partner Program is a premium category of Fortinet’s technology alliance partnerships. Alliance solutions provide customers with more effective security, and are pre-integrated, saving time and resources in deployment, operations, and support.

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  • Partner-developed integration using Fabric APIs
  • Broad range of pre-validated solutions, from IoT to the cloud, ready for development
Fabric Connector
  • Fortinet-developed deep integration into customer ecosystem platforms where security automation is critical
  • One-click integration with alliance technologies for automating operations, policies and processes
DevOps Tools
  • Community-driven security innovation
  • Rich set of security automation tools and scripts developed by Fortinet, partners and customers


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