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FortiClient Fabric Agent

Thank you for your interest in a trial of FortiClient Fabric Agent.

Fabric Agent, a key module within FortiClient, integrates endpoints with FortiGate and the Fortinet Security Fabric. It strengthens enterprise security through enhanced endpoint visibility, compliance control, vulnerability scanning, and automated response.



Endpoint telemetry for visibility

Ensure unified endpoint awareness with risk-based visibility Endpoint information shared includes device information, security status, vulnerabilities, events, etc. 

Vulnerability management

Identifies and prioritizes unpatched OS and software vulnerability with flexible patching options including auto-patching.

FortiClient Compliance Enforcement
FortiClient Automated Response/Hose Quarantine

Compliance Enforcement

Enables the enforcement of enterprise security policy and use criteria such as the severity of unpatched vulnerabilities, running software, web filtering, and security posture. 

Automated response/host quarantine

Automates policy-based response when triggered by security events.  For example, automatically quarantine a suspicious or compromised endpoint to contain incidents and prevent outbreaks. 

Follow these easy steps to try FortiClient Fabric Agent with your existing FortiGate:

1. Download FortiClient 6.0*



 2. Turn on Telemetry from your FortiGate. See the screens below for locations.


FortiGate Fabric Agent

3. Install FortiClient and point it to your FortiGate. See the screen below for the location to type in the IP address.

FortiClient Installation


Additional information:


*If you are running FortiOS 5.4.x or older, we recommend that you upgrade to FortiOS 5.6 or 6.0.