What is Cybersecurity?

Cybersecurity encompasses every measure taken to defend an organization from a cyber attack, unauthorized access, or data damage or loss. This includes processes, technologies, architectures, and even user education.


What are the key types?

There are many categories of cybersecurity, and they are all critical. It just takes one threat to slip in from anywhere to cause a major breach. The key security areas of the network are:


What are the main challenges?

Even with increased spending in cybersecurity, organizations are constantly breached. There are a daunting number of challenges that need to be addressed to enable successful cybersecurity, such as:

  • Network performance slowdowns (including disruptions and shutdowns – also think ransomware here)
  • Lack of visibility into entire network
  • Complexity: too many disparate products to manage
  • Shortage of IT professionals
  • Growing attack surface/borderless networks
  • Increasingly sophisticated cyber criminals and constantly evolving threats


How can today’s requirements be addressed?

High-performance appliances and top-rated threat protection services that cover all attack surfaces are key to successfully protect any-sized network, but there is much more to it than that. Successful cybersecurity requires planning, diligence, and coordination between different IT groups. The security technologies must also communicate to share intelligence and coordinate their responses to threats automatically, for fast response.

Security must be easy to manage, requiring minimal resources. And, the entire network must be visible to IT security staff to find any threats that may have gotten into the network and tried to hide.

Essentially, to protect an organization’s entire attack surface, a layered approach with security solutions for all areas of the network:  data center, application, cloud, access, endpoint, and email must work together as an integrated and collaborative security fabric. This eliminates the gaps in security and visibility that occur when disparate security products are “bolted on” to a network.


Where can I learn more about the security fabric approach?

Visit the Fortinet Security Fabric page to learn how its broad, integrated, and automated approach delivers a true end-to-end cybersecurity solution.