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Cloud Security

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Who we are ...

We are a leading global provider of network security and SD-WAN, switching and wireless access, network access control, authentication, public and private cloud security, endpoint security, and AI-driven advanced threat protection solutions for carriers, data centers, enterprises, and distributed offices.

What we do ...

Fortinet empowers its customers with intelligent, seamless protection across the expanding attack surface and the power to take on ever-increasing performance requirements of the borderless network--today and into the future.

What we do ...

Our products include the broadest security protection for Network Security, Secure Infrastructure, IoT, OT, Endpoint Security, and Cloud Security.

Seguridad en la nube

A significant portion of business depends on cloud storage, communications, or infrastructure. Therefore, protecting your systems and assets in the cloud should be a primary priority. Cloud security measures keep infiltrators from impacting or hacking into your infrastructure. They also secure data you have stored in the cloud, whether its proprietary information or that of your clients. A complete cloud security solution regulates who has access to your cloud-based traffic. You can limit the access of outsiders as well as those within the organization. Because each business is unique, there are cloud security options for a wide variety of needs. Many of them can be custom-tweaked to create a 100% unique solution.

Securing the Cloud

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Anything connected to the internet needs cybersecurity. This includes the computers and mobile devices you use to do everyday work and involves applications that need to access the internet to function. In addition, cybersecurity can protect the infrastructure of your network by safeguarding servers, routers, access points, and switches from invasive programs and hackers. A complete cybersecurity solution often incorporates multiple layers of protection. These can be configured to support each other and unite to form a more solid barrier against internet threats.

CyberSecurity Issues

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Protección de endpoint

The endpoints of your network—computers and mobile devices—are often easy points of entry for attackers. Endpoint protection shields your devices, whether malware is directly installed by hackers or an unsuspecting user installs it unwillingly. An endpoint protection solution begins with discovering endpoint risks, then monitoring and assessing the level of danger. Once the system identifies a threat, it can automatically contain and eliminate it. This is done using automated processes specifically designed with your business’ system in mind. Endpoint protection may also involve reducing your network’s exposure by eliminating or bypassing endpoints that elevate the level of risk.

Endpoint Protection Issues

Acceso de red

Network access control ensures visibility, control, and automated responses for all devices and systems comprising your network. Visibility involves forming profiles of each device connected to your network. The versatility of the network is enhanced when access is granted to outside products like switches, routers, and access points—without compromising the security and integrity of your IT infrastructure. Network access also defends your systems through responsiveness. As soon as a threat appears, it can be automatically eliminated. A network access system accomplishes this by changing configurations to keep your critical components and data safe.

Network Access Issues

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Seguridad de red

Network security is at the heart of a functional, productive business—regardless of its size or the scope of its services. The network security umbrella is broad and applies to a variety of devices, processes, and technologies. On a basic level, network security is composed of configurations and rules that are implemented into devices and systems on your network. These rules ensure your network’s integrity, privacy, and usefulness, and cover both the hardware and software that make your network run. Security measures can be applied to individual devices or to groups of components with the same level of vulnerability. You can also choose where to place protective measures.

Network Security Issues

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Operaciones de seguridad

Security operations are those practices and teams that are devoted to preventing, detecting, assessing, monitoring, and responding to cybersecurity threats and incidents. Institutions may set up this monitoring and defending capability in a facility dedicated to security operations called a security operations center, or SOC.  Explore our collection of articles regarding security operations.

Security Operations Issues

Protección contra amenazas

Even though hackers and data thieves have gotten more sophisticated, so has threat protection. An advanced threat-protection system provides security solutions that protect all devices on your network from malware and attempts to access sensitive data. This is accomplished by honing in on different attack surfaces and applying protective measures. This means protecting elements of your network such as endpoint devices, servers, and routers. Further, on a software level, email gateways and the central management console of your network can be shielded from a variety of threats. Each company’s setup is different in complexity and size, and your threat-protection solution can be customized to suit your needs.

Threat Protection Issues

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