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Organizations are embracing multiple public cloud platforms, resulting in increased complexity of management which impacts security and risk. Additionally, the built-in security tools that come with various cloud platforms are unique to each, compounding the challenge of consistently managing risk across all clouds in a multi-cloud world. This challenge renders security operations time consuming and ineffective. As the attack surface expands, organizations need to protect from not only from risks of configuration and management of the application elements themselves, but also from risks originating via cloud application programming interfaces (APIs) and UIs.

FortiCASB-Cloud offers security administrators and DevOps teams the ability to evaluate their cloud configuration security posture, detect potential threats originating from misconfiguration of cloud resources, analyze traffic across cloud resources (in and out of the cloud), and evaluate cloud configuration against best practices. It enables the ability to manage risk throughout multi-cloud infrastructures, provides regulatory compliance reporting, and integrates remediation into the cloud infrastructure lifecycle automation framework.


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Fortinet Cloud Security Solution

Your cloud security must keep up with your cloud instances when they scale. Fortinet embeds the latest AWS Auto Scaling functionality and FortiGate CloudFormation template configuration into our cloud security fabric, providing automation based on resource demand from your cloud workloads.

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FortiCASB-Cloud Product Details

  • Risk management enables security teams to focus on high priority issues and take quick remediation actions  
  • Data security provides configuration assessments and analyzes documents inside cloud storage repositories
  • Traffic analysis and investigation ensures visibility into all cloud resources to identify and monitor application traffic
  • Threat detection and response delivers continuous threat monitoring across the entire security infrastructure
  • Gain compliance reports for standards such as PCI, HIPPA, SOX, GDPR, ISO 27001, and NIST

Featured Applications

Microsoft Azure  Google Cloud Platform  icon aws 

Features and Benefits

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Leverages the latest and most advanced API’s from leading cloud providers
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DevOps Integration

Offers remediation integration and insights that easily integrate with the DevOps process
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Customizable Threat Discovery

Fully customizable to identify new risks as per customer needs
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Comprehensive Analytics

Comprehensive and easy-to-use visual tools quickly identify risks and policy violations    
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Compliance Reporting and Policies

Predefined regulatory compliance reporting options
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Cloud Blind Spot Elimination

Eliminates cloud traffic blind spots by leveraging threat, resource, and flow information from the cloud platform

FortiCASB-Cloud Models and Specifications

FortiCASB-Cloud centrally manages data stored in SaaS and public cloud applications through a hosted service offering that spans both on-network and remote user access. 

If you are an existing customer, you can directly access the service.

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Experience how FortiCASB-Cloud can protect your cloud infrastructure with a free 30-day trial single cloud account license. Please contact us for more information.