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Futuriom SD-WAN Growth Report

Futuriom's fourth annual SD-WAN Infrastructure Growth report gives you the lowdown on what's driving growth in the software-defined wide-area networking (SD-WAN) market. The report produced by Futuriom Founder and Chief Technology analyst, Scott Raynovich, and based on a survey of 100 end users as well as dozens of interviews with professionals in the IT and networking markets, projects continued growth in SD-WAN through at least the next 3-5 years. Enterprises and service providers alike are interested in deploying SD-WAN technology in services to deliver cloud-based orchestration and automation of networking and security.

Cloud-delivered SD-WAN, a growing technology domain that enables enterprises and organizations to set up and manage secure WAN connections using cloud software deployment and management approaches, is gaining and increasing role to speed up and secure cloud connectivity. Enterprises are buying SD-WAN to reduce the complexity in configuring branch-office devices, routing schemes, and network addresses. With SD-WAN, many of these functions can be abstracted into the cloud and managed by the service provider or an enterprise manager using a cloud interface, rather than using proprietary networking equipment.

As a sponsor of the 2020 Futuriom SD-WAN Growth report and a provider of Secure SD-WAN solutions, Fortinet is pleased to share independent research on this key market.