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Yedpay Accelerates Its Cloud Migration Journey

“Fortinet provides us with an end-to-end security solution and a single point of contact with deep multi-vendor integration. This not only gave us peace of mind during the migration, but continues to give us an easy way to secure our network architecture that is also highly scalable, incredibly powerful and cost-effective.”

Alva Wong, Chief Information Security Officer, Yedpay


Yedpay was established in 2014, with the focus of creating a unified system to benefit merchants by building a modern infrastructure to connect them through their card networks, mobile payments, marketing and analytics tools to boost growth. They provide a secure platform for e-commerce payments for thousands of small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs) that are underserved by other financial services providers.

Like many organizations, Yedpay leverages virtualization and cloud computing to help them deliver applications and services with greater speed and flexibility. Fortinet enhanced Yedpay’s speed of digital innovation with an equally agile security strategy achieved through the Fortinet Security Fabric. Fortinet helped Yedpay accelerate its cloud migration journey and reduced management and operational overheads without compromising security.

Learn how Yedpay was able to expand service offerings and stay ahead of cyberattacks with Fortinet’s dynamic cloud security solutions in this press release.

Business Impact


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Cloud security solutions protect its current operations, stay ahead of cyberattacks, and confidently expand service offerings


Simplified and highly scalable network architecture

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Fortinet Security Fabric unifies multiple security solutions across the network to detect, block, and remediate attacks

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