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Tower Water

“Moving to the virtual infrastructure will cost half as much as staying in the cloud—and the infrastructure is more robust and secure.”

Matthew Marlowe, Director of IT, Tower Water


Tower Water helps keep New York-area high rises functioning with water treatment, cooling tower, and other HVAC services. In response to recent customer requests to access the SCADA digital controllers on cooling towers they own, the company realized it needed to upgrade both networking and security at the company. The firm opted to move their services out of the public cloud and onto a new virtualized infrastructure powered by Nutanix. The Nutanix infrastructure is protected by FortiGate-VM virtual next-generation firewalls (NGFWs) and the Unified Threat Management Bundle.

With some deployment is still in progress, Tower Water is already seeing significant benefits from the deployment. The ease of deployment saved as many as 72 hours of staff time, and the seamless integration between Nutanix and Fortinet will save many hours going forward. The monthly cost of the new infrastructure saves 50% over staying with the legacy cloud solutions, and Fortinet Secure SD-WAN helps the company save 80% on infrastructure upgrades that would have been required.

Learn more about Tower Water’s journey by reading the case study, which details the company’s deployment of a secure virtual infrastructure.    

Business Impact


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Staff time saving up to 72 hours due to speedy deployment

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50% savings in monthly private cloud costs compared with public cloud-based infrastructure

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80% cost avoidance in monthly telco subscription by re-routing traffic using Fortinet SD-WAN

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Unscheduled downtime reduced from 4% to none

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Customers can access their own SCADA devices—securely and easily

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Peace of mind from being able to afford 24×7 support because of choosing a virtual NGFW

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