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Identity Management Provider Finds Secure Path for Migration to the Oracle Cloud

“There were several reasons that we selected Fortinet. The most obvious was that FortiGate was the most broadly supported next-generation firewall on OCI.”

– Navdeep Saini, Senior Manager, Cloud Platform, Centroid


Every day, the products and services developed by a U.S.-based security provider give millions of people across more than 100 countries access to both physical and digital places. Not surprisingly, then, security was a key concern when this company decided to shift its own Oracle E-Business Suite and other back-office applications to the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI). The company turned to Fortinet partner Centroid for assistance. Transitioning to an OCI-based architecture enabled the security company to streamline IT operations, reduce costs, and improve organizational agility and scalability. The deployment was possible only because Centroid developed an enterprise-level security infrastructure within OCI.

Learn more about how Centroid is helping this security vendor operate securely in OCI in this case study.

Business Impact


Compliance icon

Complies with security standards for state and local government clearances, as well as banking, healthcare, defense, and other sensitive sectors

high performance icon

Supports higher user productivity through optimized performance of Oracle E-Business Suite and other back-office applications


Boosts agility and scalability of the company’s security infrastructure

icon benefits reduce complicity

Consolidates oversight of OCI and on-premises security solutions in a single pane of glass

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