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Bill Miller Bar-B-Q

Popular Texan Barbecue Restaurant Chain Enhances Email Protection with FortiMail

“The threat landscape is getting more challenging, and we need to ensure we have the best defenses available. Partners like Fortinet are integral to helping ensure we keep our business secure while freeing our people to do what they do best—provide great customer service.”

– Robert Collazo, Director of Information Technology, Bill Miller Bar-B-Q


Bill Miller Bar-B-Q is a popular Texan restaurant chain. The company runs 82 restaurants statewide, which it services through a commissary kitchen. It saw an uptick in phishing emails sent to employees, particularly spear phishing attacks. Together with updating to Microsoft 365, which made it cost effective to add users, that also meant that the company needed to enhance its email security as it scaled. The organization admits that training employees not to take certain actions is always an ongoing challenge. For these reasons, Bill Miller B-B-Q was looking for a system that could catch all phishing emails and stop them in their tracks. After a successful demo with Fortinet, the company deployed FortiMail Cloud. In just the first week of implementing the solution, the company noted a significant drop off in recipient spam, with FortiMail Cloud excluding around 40% of such emails. The small IT team at Bill Miller B-B-Q benefits from the ease-of-use, automation, and minimal time needed to administer FortiMail Cloud. It continues to discover new functions and features of the solution that will help improve its security posture.

Learn how Bill-Miller Bar-B-Q turns up its email security and gains greater protection and control in this case study.

Business Impact


Malware Protection

Improved ability to defend against spear phishing attacks

icon benefits spam

Rapid decrease in recipient spam, with 40% cut off at source

minimized overhead icon

Employees enabled to focus on core customer service roles

Icon automation

Time saved for IT team thanks to automated security capabilities

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